7 Tips to Prepare for Your Beach Honeymoon by Kamokini

Kunbi O / Friday June 5, 2015

KAMOKINI shares some tips for The Beach Honeymoon with the showcase of its five-piece Honeymoon collection, Monochrome, modeled by MBGN Tourism Chinyere Adogu, and photographed by Anuel Modebe.

Kamokini Monochrome-15

The Monochrome Collection from KAMOKINI is inspired by the essence of the get-away “Honeymoon”. The collection is made of five pieces that embody the intimate, elegant yet confidently sexy aura of a woman on show for her “one & only”.

Kamokini Monochrome-7

Each piece is set in a different day/stage of the honeymoon get-away. The campaign is shot in the mode of an amateur recorder to suggest the doting newly wed partner is doing the recording.

Be the first to check out the Campaign video shot by RVO Media below:

Kamokini’s 7 Tips to Prepare for Your Beach Honeymoon 

Kamokini Monochrome Prints COLOR-6

1. Shape up your packing list.

Besides toiletries, for daytime, you’ll need cute bikinis (of course like our KAMOKINIs), shorts, nice T-shirts, one or two great cover-ups (stylish enough to wear to lunch), and flip-flops. For evening, you’ll want spicy dresses, a delightful clutch, and tasteful sandals. Hint: packing an array of swimsuits can substitute for additional clothes as they significantly change an outfit. Don’t forget to pack those sultry lingerie & nightwear pieces you were gifted during your Bridal Shower.

2. Make sure your passport is up to date.

You do not want to get to the airport only to find your passport has expired or even close to expiring (three to six months of departure date – some countries would not accept that). You want to inspect your passports as soon as you consider booking your trip.

Kamokini Monochrome Prints COLOR-11

3. Get a bikini wax.

Because nothing is more annoying than razor bumps. Additionally the hair will grow slower which would give you one less thing to worry about.

4. Get a mani/pedi.

Your hands and feet will be in full view on the beach, so make sure they look beautiful! You might want to go with a gel manicure too. Hint: Opt for a nude, peachy, neutral shade, as opposed to a bright colour like red as they would be less likely to show chips.

Kamokini Monochrome-5

5. Substitute perfumes for scented oils & lotions and bring along insect repellent.

Perfume and cologne and known to attract mosquitos replace them with scented lotions and a splash of insect repellent to avoid the bites that inhibit your thorough enjoyment.

6. Deflake!

Exfoliate both your face and body. You would need separate products for the two. A good exfoliator would get rid of dead cells, making your skin feel smoother whilst leaving your body moisturised.

Kamokini Monochrome WM-9

7. Leave behind a copy of your itinerary with family or friend(s).

Write down your flight schedule, hotel dates (and the hotel’s phone number), as well as any other relevant travel info. In case of an emergency, they’ll know where to reach you.

To find out more about the swimsuits you can email KAMOKINI at info@kamokini.com