Jaw-dropping Destination Wedding in Matera, Italy

Perfete / Wednesday January 15, 2020



We absolutely cannot get enough of destination weddings. I think the go-to for most destinations is somewhere warm and tropical. These are typically cost-efficient and short flying times for most. However, nothing quite feels as luxurious or romantic as a European wedding. Enter this jaw-dropper that took place in Matera – I mean, who’s adding this to their bucket list right this very second?? Me too. We got all the deets on this dreamy wedding from the bride and groom’s photographer, Katja & Simon Photography:

Marta and Oliver come from different countries in Europe, but now live in New York. So when they decided it was time to tie the knot, they already knew they want to do it somewhere abroad. Their family and friends were up for travel, so they decided to pick a somewhat remote location.  Knowing the couple, it’s no surprise that they closed their eyes and pointed their fingers randomly somewhere on a map. And it was this place – Matera!

Matera’s old town, also called Sassi,  is considered one of the oldest towns in the world and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. They chose the Altereno Cafe at the edge of the Sassi wall. The cafe faces the neighbor hill where you can still see and explore old caves, where the ancestors lived almost 9.000 years ago. What they didn’t know (and learned just before they entered the venue for the ceremony) is that the cafe is located in the ruins of an old church. The owners did some research and learned, the last wedding to take place there was 400 years ago. Incredible!


The Ceremony