Party in Atlantic City – Omono’s 30th Birthday

Feyi Bello / Thursday January 13, 2022

You know you’re an OG Beyonce fan when your birthday theme is one of her not-so-popular but altogether incredible stage performances. And it takes one to know one, Beyonce’s live performance of Party in Atlantic City was one of those performances that just has a place in my heart, it’s fun, it’s gorgeous, and what’s not to love about feathers and confetti?!

What was the party theme and how did you come about it?

My sister Ozzy, our in-house creative, came up with the theme and decorated the venue. We had one conversation about what I wanted for my birthday and all that came to mind was Beyonce’s live performance of ‘Party’ in Atlantic City. I really loved the feathers and it felt simple enough, but I didn’t think about how much my guests would struggle to find outfits that fit the theme lolll

What does it mean to celebrate yourself like this?

Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to do much for my 30th. The idea of planning a whole event was overwhelming because I had so much going on already. Very grateful for my family who planned every last detail. It was so nice to attend my birthday as a guest for once! I had such a good time and I loved that (most of) my favourite people were there to celebrate with me.