How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Perfete / Thursday April 23, 2020
With the #SaferAtHome orders across the country, weddings are being postponed, birthday celebrations are requiring some out-of-the-box celebrating, and baby showers are going virtual. We know that a virtual shower will not fully replace the in-person one you had planned, and it’s okay to feel disappointed, mad and sad. Once things go back to the new normal, we think you should absolutely still plan a wonderful celebration for family and friends, but in the meantime, there are definitely ways to make a virtual baby shower still feel fun and special. Here’s how:

Step 1: Set the Tone with the e-invitations

Just because the shower will be online doesn’t mean you still can’t set the tone with some seriously cute e-invitations. We love this custom set from Etsy. Since you will not be able to gather in person, it will be important to note that guests should attempt to mail gifts directly to the mama-to-be’s home in advance of the event if possible, and to point them in the direction of her registry (more on that later). Be sure to include any notes on the theme (should everyone wear a themed outfit? should they bring something special to the video chat?) and instructions on how to join the virtual shower. You can definitely use something free like ZOOM, or there are specific offerings like  WebBabyShower that offer a private online gathering, with video & photo albums, guest books, games, a gift registry and built-in email invitations and birth announcements.

Step 2: Pick the Format & Theme 

Beyond the usual shower must-haves like gifts and guessing games, you should absolutely think of a creative way to enhance the virtual shower. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas:
  • Drive by baby parade – the day before or during the shower, have folks who live near the mama-to-be drive by with signs, balloons and drop gifts at the door so there’s still a fun live element.
  • Top Chef Cook Off – no shower would be complete without treats! Invite guests to show off their skills in the kitchen and display the banana bread or sourdough they mastered.
  • Group Workout – Add a gentle pre-natal yoga or barre class to the beginning of the shower to get everyone’s serotonin levels way up!
  • Virtual Talent Show – If it’s not a shy bunch, have everyone show off a special skill or talent during the shower. For this one we highly recommend cocktails.
  • Sip and Paint – Ensure everyone has paints and a canvas and do a group paint to music. It’s so calming and will create instant keepsakes for the day.
  • Dance Off – Get the music going and invite everyone to bust a move. Highly recommend freeze dance for some hilarious screen grabs.


Step 3: Don’t forget the Registry

Since you will not be able to celebrate in person, we want to make sure the mama-to-be still gets showered in adorable and necessary gifts for her baby. These are our registry must haves, and be sure to provide links to hers specifically. Instruct guests to ship to the house prior to the shower if possible (for those not doing the drive by). For a virtual shower, you can chose whether or not you want to use the time to open gifts live or just display in the background as decor. Beyond the registry, coordinate with your gal pals to ensure you also send a cake, balloons and gifts to pamper mama.

Step 4: Decorations and Setting the Tone

Find a spot in the host house that makes the most sense to display your webcam. Since you’re limited on what you can display, you can make the small space that will be visible SUPER decorated with theme-specific decor. Focus on items that will make a big impact. For example, flowers and balloons and wall hangs will create a colorful backdrop but a set tablescape probably doesn’t make sense. Invite guests to decorate as well so the mama-to-be gets to look at pretty backdrops too! Pick out a fun, upbeat playlist to have going in the background to make up for any lulls in conversation. Another great idea is to make a signature cocktail for the party and send the recipe out to guest in advance.

Step 5: Get Creative with Games

Yes, you can still do games! TheEverygirl has a ton of great, printable templates that you can ask guests to complete either before or during the shower, like a word scramble, “name that song” game, and children’s book emoji pictionary. Depending on what virtual platform you go with, you should be able to do built in functions like polling and surveys. It’s also a fun idea to play a “Price is Right” style game where the mama holds up popular baby items and everyone has to guess the price. Gift Bingo is still totally an option too!

Step 6: Thank You Notes

Just like the e-invites, it’s important to send out thank you notes following the virtual shower. Have a designated friend take charge of writing down all the gifts and special things guests did for the virtual celebration. You can go with a virtual card again, but our preference for a thank you card is always hand written if possible. Besides, we’ve all got a little extra time right now don’t we 🙂 We hope that you still find ways to celebrate and find joy in your virtual shower, and look forward to the time when we can all get together in person. There will be so much to toast to <3