How to Keep Your Children Entertained During Your Big Day

Kunbi O / Thursday December 16, 2021

We’re back again with more kids-friendly inspiration for your wedding day. If you or your fiancé are parents, you’re probably wondering how to keep your kid(s) involved and entertained on your wedding day. Thankfully, we asked a few pro friends for their suggestions and tips on how to keep your children entertained during your big day.

  • Make the day easier on yourselves. “Hire an on-site childcare company like Wedding Sitter® to supervise and entertain your children and your children’s friends and family, just a room away close to your main reception area. That way, you’ll have the best of both worlds, the kids close to you on your special day, while still getting to enjoy yourself. Typically, these services include a decorated kids table, arts & crafts, coloring activity books, board games, legos, movies, white teepee with throw pillows and soft play toys, toys, games, jump ropes, hula hoops, and more activities for all ages!” – Jessica Williams Flores, Founder, Wedding Sitter®
  • Add in age-friendly entertainment. “You can incorporate a video game station or the kids’ own DJ to play music and MC some fun dances for the children to participate. You can also coordinate your first dance to include your children for an ultra special moment.” – Jessica Williams Flores, Founder, Wedding Sitter®

  • Make a kids-only table. “Decorate the table with coloring activity books with games and stickers, chalk paper with chalk to color on the table, vases filled with mini Legos, candy, bubbles, and glow sticks for when it’s time to hit the dance floor!” – Jessica Williams Flores, Founder, Wedding Sitter®
  • Set aside a special moment with the kids. “If you and your new spouse already have a child or children together, remember that this day is probably just as special to them as it is to you! Set aside a few minutes to spend in private as a family after the ceremony is over, and express your excitement in being able to share this special day with them. Especially if your child is old enough to understand what this day is all about, they’ll cherish this sweet private moment together – and you will too!” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events
  • Include them in the ceremony! “Beyond having your kids serve in a role like flower girl, ring bearer, or junior bridesmaid/groomsman, consider including them in the ceremony by writing special vows for them. Taking a moment to say a few words to them about your love for them and their role in your family will keep them feeling a part of the ceremony, and keep them involved!” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events