Aisle Perfect: Whitney + Bryce

Kunbi O / Friday May 31, 2013
Yet another home-run by Meg Baisden Photography. We love everything about Whitney and Bryce’s Florida wedding. That bouquet… sheesh! This definitely is the perfect way to end the week.
From the Bride:

Bryce and I graduated from the same high school, 3 years apart. He was “that senior” that everyone thought was cute! My sophomore year in college, we officially met at a church function. A mutual friend of ours introduced us. Another friend shared with me as Bryce walked away, if you don’t date him, he’s all mine. 🙂  Luckily, I was the one and we’ve been together ever since.

When I began to plan, I knew I wanted classic and simple colors and decor. I knew I wanted the venue for the reception to be beautiful on its own. 5Eleven Palafox was the perfect fit. Beautiful white-washed brick down the length of the room, floor-to-ceiling windows, and candles lit around the room. Beautiful splashes of white and green in the centerpieces matched perfectly with mercury glass candles.

Pinterest has now become a bride-to-be’s heaven. I had “pinned” so many ideas in the months leading up to the wedding. One project that I knew had to be incorporated into our day was a “thank you” board. We found a lady locally who could created a message on a large chalkboard. This was the perfect way for everyone to know that we were so thankful they were there to help celebrated with us.

My favorite memory of the day was seeing my hubby-to-be. Our photographers helped us to create the perfect “first look” at the beautiful Lee House Bed and Breakfast. I was so full of excitement as he stood down the walkway with his back towards me. When he turned around and saw me for the first time, his huge smile melted my heart. Those few moments alone were exactly what we needed to start our day.

Advice for future brides: Before you plan anything, choose what is most important to you. For me, my dress and photographer were most important. Those were the only two things I could walk away with and keep forever. Everything else came after that. Also, do your best to stick to what you want. Don’t be swayed by friends, family members, even vendors. If your anything like me, you’ve planned for this special day for your whole life. It’s worth the search and time to get what you want. 🙂

Photographer:  Meg Baisden Photography // Ceremony Location: Coastline Calvary Chapel // Reception Location: 5Eleven Palafox // DJ: Marty Stanovich // Makeup Artist: Skin // Floral Designer: Supposey
All images courtesy of Meg Baisden Photography