28 Things I Love About You- A Valentine’s Day Special

Kunbi O / Friday February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! Regardless of what you think about this day, I think we can all agree that LOVE is in the air! From the sweet notes and the gorgeous flowers to the huge smiles on lots of faces, there’s just something beautiful about seeing love celebrated. So in the spirit of this glorious day of love, we asked 28 couples across the globe to share what they love about their significant others … here’s what they had to say . Grab your tissues guys!


1. I’m not shy to scream at the top of mountains that this woman is my rock, my best friend, my literal everything….so if I could put into a few words what I love most about her, well it would be that she is literally HOME for me, no matter where we have been in life we have been there TOGETHER, no matter what challenges one of us is facing, we tackle them TOGETHER…this feeling is PRICELESS and IRREPLACEABLE. – Elkin Cardona

  1. He’s kind. It’s one quality that I didn’t even think was a big deal but I’ve come to realise that it drives everything in our relationship. It is the most amazing and fascinating thing about him and I didn’t know a human being could be that kind. His kindness means that he always thinks of me in every situation, he’s very attentive to my words and feelings that I never have to guess if he’s hearing me. It helps that he spoils me as well. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? – Bugo Echem, Life With Bugo
Life with Bugo and Somto Echem
Life With Bugo
  1. I wake up every day so grateful to have Eric as my life partner. We’re going through a particularly challenging time right now as I am battling my second hyperemesis pregnancy and a lot of the parenting (we also have a 2.5yo) and housework is falling on his shoulders, plus taking care of me, but he hasn’t missed a beat. So the one thing that I’m most grateful of, particularly right now, is how caring he is. He doesn’t hesitate to step up, whether it’s because I’m traveling for work or because I’m struggling health-wise. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him and his support. – Brittny Drye, Love Inc Magazine
Brittny Drye and Eric Knight Valentines Day
Chellise Michael Photography
  1. Fiyin is patient, she is kind, Fiyin is envious when it’s necessary (lol), she doesn’t boast and is not proud. It is only appropriate that I start by using my remixed version of the Bible verse to describe her. Sharing Christianity with someone you’re intimate with is one of the best experiences of my life. I have really enjoyed growing to learn Fiyin – she is my best friend, she matches my energy and keeps me centered. – Dr. Ayobami Olufadeji, @0moba

5. I love that he is spontaneous but also an intellect . Life is never Boring with him . I love that he makes quality time a priority and I just be myself while relaxing with him . His career is deep in research and science so he does a wonderful job at teaching me things and introducing ideas that keep my Mind working .- Lillian Alexander, @shessooverdressed

  1. I love that my attentive, funny, intelligent husband has always believed in me. His unwavering support is all I need each morning to keep going. I love that we share an odd sense of humor, obsession with music, and the endless use of puns. – Sugar Taylor, Sugar Taylor Co.
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7. My favorite thing about my husband, is how he unceasingly loves me. We have been together for 7 years, married for 5, and he never fails to keep the spark alive. He will still leave love notes for me to find throughout the house, or write me simple poems and tape them to my side of the mirror. I guess you could say he’s a bit of a romantic! I love how much he loves me, and that he is keeping his vow of always making sure I remember that. Forever and always, I’m so grateful for him and his love. – Lauren Self

Lauren Self Blogs Valentines Day Post

  1.  I will follow you to the ends of the World as long as we are together 💕 Marriage is one of the biggest blessings God has to offer us. Marriage is also challenging, but God allows us to get through every challenge, together. Marriage humbles and strengthens you all the while testing, building and conditioning you. Marriage is for the MATURE. Marriage has made me a better woman and allowed me to reach HIGHS I never knew existed. I’m grateful to be married to my best friend @themarkmckinnon. – Brittney Carter

Bcarter and MarkMckinnon

9. If there is one thing I love about Ẹniọla is that she has my back. Even when she doesn’t understand even when we disagree, I never feel like she’s my enemy. It is soooo easy to think when your partner disagrees with you that she’s against you, but I view it as me and her against an Issue as opposed to the issue being in the middle of us. She’s isn’t perfect, neither of us will ever be, but I never think she’s doing anything out of spite or hatred…. Which is hard to remember when you’re angry LOL. But when you take a moment to reflect, even with the mistakes made you remember that she did not act out of spite or hatred. She’s Team Dayo through and through. – Dayo,  @TrophyHusbandD

10. There are so many things that I love about my husband Darius- he’s handsome, he’s charming, he’s funny (not funnier than me), he’s loving but most of all he is patient. I’m always on the go, ready to move on to the next thing but he helps to slow me down and force me to enjoy this beautiful life we have. He calms me down in the midst of madness yet allowing me fully and unapologetically be myself. Who I’ve grown into today is in part of his tranquil spirit and undeniable patience. – Mahalia Jessup, C’est Belle Events

Darius and Mahalia Jessup

  1. I love how well Ross knows himself – and how he uses that confidence to help others in his work and in his life. He‘s this magical combination of both levity and gravity and can make you laugh about something serious or find greater meaning in something others might simply pass by. I’m not like that though I strive to be, so he helps me become a better person simply by being my husband. – Noa Santos, Homepolish

  1. I love everything about our love. My husband is so thoughtful, romantic and is my biggest supporter! but above all else our friendship is the greatest I’ve ever known. I love that our home is my favourite place to be, that hanging out with him is my favourite thing to do. We’ve been together for 10 years and it’s amazing how with each year our capacity to love each other and the depth of our friendship grows and deepens. He is my safest place and in this crazy world our love gives me peace. We often say to each other “thank God I found you” and I truly feel that way every single day. – Salewa Osakwe, S.O. Style

13. Passion. Have you ever met someone who puts their all into the things and the people that they love? Do you know anyone who livens up a room when they walk in because they love who they are, what they do, and who they are with? If you do, then maybe you’re almost as luck as I am.Ndidi is fire, a cauldron of passion and I absolutely love that about her. Her energy brightens my mornings and warms my nights. She brings a loving passion to our marriage, our family and our business and they are all better off because of it. Happy valentines babe, I love you! – Folasayo Ayoola, ODA Creative

ODA creative

14. Loving my wife, Joy, is easy. It doesn’t hurt that she’s incredibly beautiful, an amazing Mom to our 4 kids, can transform any house into a home and that she bakes a homemade sourdough bread that has made people cry. She’s also sincerely kind. People often say, “There’s no way your wife is always that sweet.” I’m afraid so. Yet what stands out most is that regardless of the ups and downs that inevitably come with life, Joy regularly extents grace. She doesn’t “keep score;” rather, she loves freely, is patient, faithful & good. She’s simply wonderful. – Ben Finch

Ben Finch Valentines Day

  1. My husband, my soulmate, my best friend. Where do I begin! I absolutely adore this man of mine through every moment of this journey called life. One thing that I love about him is knowing his heart is literally made of pure genuine love. He’s always willing to give his last to anyone in need. Also the love he has shown me throughout our 10 years of knowing each other has been one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed upon me. He encourages me to be the best version of myself while loving me unconditionally through it all! Ok sorry you said one but I couldn’t help myself! Happy Valentine’s Day! – Muneera Page


  1. Brianna (Pup/Baby Squirrel/Soup snake), I love everything about you but if I have to pick one thing, it is your unrelenting, genuine empathy. You care deeply, not only about your friends and family, but about everyone you meet. I love how you make a point to compliment strangers, and try to make their day just a little bit better. I love that you volunteer your free time to help underprivileged children and bring art into their lives. The world needs more of you, but there is only one, and I am the luckiest man in the world to have you. – Brandon Kozlarek

  1.  I love his heart. His heart is warm, soft, quick to tears over a real good movie (cue in Avengers: EndGame) and most of all, love overflowing – we(our babies and I) are his happy place! – Bolanle Williams Olley

Bolanle and Temi Williams-Olley Valentines Day

18. It’s difficult to pick just one thing. But I’ll say this. One thing I love about my wife is that she’s is extremely considerate almost to a fault. She consistently puts the needs of others before her own and I love her for that. She gives me the last bite, she makes sure I’m well taken care of at work and at home. She is selfless and the epitome of what love is. There is no one like my Anye.  – Joshua Dwain, Joshua Dwain Photography

Joshua Dwain photography

  1. The thing I love most about my husband is his genuine love and kindness to people – both those he knows, those he will never meet and those who can do nothing for him. Since the first day we’ve met, I’ve admired (& been challenged by!) how he always goes out of his way and inconveniences himself to be a blessing to others – whether through his time, money, his care or his advice. I’m grateful to have a soulmate who inspires and reminds me that people are the most valuable thing we can invest into ❤️. – Ruth Afolabi, Magnify Collective

  1. Wale is patient, compassionate, creative, funny and he is an AMAZING father to our daughter Tara. I know you said one thing but i can’t pick one 🙈. He feels my happiness and also feels my sadness. He always wants to do everything to ease my pain. He is truly one in a million! I love him forever! – Lola Ariztos, Master Plan Events

21. One of my favorite things about Omonye is her drive. She has shown me consistently that she is self motivated and continues to do the unimaginable within her personal and professional life. Last year she shocked me by completing a full marathon (she is not close to a runner) just to prove that it’s really mind over matter..always! Oh yea, if I can add – she’s beautiful, a great mother, caring and she can cook. – Seun Phillips, My Big Dream Club

Omonye and Seun Phillips My big dream club

  1. There are so many things that I love about my Husband but my absolute favorite is his patience. The Bible scripture that reminds me of my Husband is Ephesians 4:2. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Domanic is humble and extremely patient. His patience truly amazing me whether he is teaching me something that I don’t know, simply waiting (because I’m almost making us late lol) or being patient waiting on the Lord to tell him when to move. This is a characteristic that I l admire and adore! I am truly grateful that I can feel his love in my soul and in our home daily. Thank you Domanic for being a true man of God leading our household. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man of my dreams. – Lauren Wilson

  1. Love is patient. There is more than one thing I love about my wife, but the most significant and favorite thing now is the ability for her to reset quickly with patience and forgiveness. Forgiveness is a pretty amazing thing that only an absolute genius could think invent for us humans. My wife and I have this agreement where we realize that life is too short to get caught up in the things that we don’t want to be, mean, or say. These come up out of a selfish or proud moment, and then when we come to the other person and say, please forgive me, I was wrong, we wash it away as if there was an atoning sacrifice made, but quickly It’s gone. She forgives me so fast and so well. It enables us to have such little baggage and resentment and negative feelings that it makes our relationship seem light, smoother, purer if I can put it into those words. I’m thankful for her. It’s work to do this well, and it takes humility and patience, for which I’m so grateful for that trait in her!! – Mike Larson

mike larson valentines day note

24.”Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. ” – Maya Angelou

My all-heart-loving BAE Sr., Lola, is the most courageous person I know. I’m always deeply moved by her strength and grace. The courage to give her best/positive energy to whomever and whatever and whenever is what has always attracted me to her. No matter what challenges she faces, she continues to show love and courage in the best way beyond human comprehension. And that’s ridiculously sexy! – Wale Ariztos

Stanlo Photography
  1.  He allows me move at my own pace and does not disturb me. I can change as much as i want with Osi. He’s ready for it. Sometimes i’m a talkative and sometimes i’m quiet. Sometimes i’m hardworking and sometimes i’m lazy. Sometimes i’m super smart and sometimes i’m dumb. Through it all he always loves the version of me i decide to be. He’s the most open human I know. Sometimes I feel bad for him and want him to be more selfish but when he’s selfish, I realize he’s happiest open. I guess we understand ourselves on an instinctive level. At first it was hard to peddle but now we are just gliding knowing that we are the best for ourselves. – Oroma Itegboje

Oroma Itegboje Valentines Day

  1. From the moment we wake up you never fail to hold me tight, ask if I slept well and with a contagious smile you start the day. This little gesture has always set the tone for the rest of of our day. Your calmness brings me daily peace and your brilliant fun loving personality keeps me laughing. I love you because you let me be me and are the extrovert to my introvert personality. You’ve learned to speak my love language and never complain when I need just one more snuggle. Your the definition of a true partner and I’m thankful to share this journey of life with you.” – Amy Anaiz

27. There’s a saying, marry your bestfriend? Well, not sure if it’s a saying but it applies to me cause I definitely did and wouldn’t change a thing. The love, the spontaneity, the adventures, and doing life with someone who is full of life and love. That’s what I love her the most for and will continue to cherish each moment as we create wonderful memories for eternity. – Mileks

Lumi Morgan Photography
  1.  What do I love the most about Kunbi? ….hmm. If I spoke about Kunbi as often as I think about her, everyone around me would be exhausted! Kunbi, your flavor of love encompasses companionship, sacrifice and unconditionality. Your language of love is sharing, thoughtfullness, romance and touch….my favourite thing about you is that the version of love you show me, knows no days off, knows no bounds, is forgiving; it looks at me and makes me feel like I’m alive. The great poet John Donne says “For God’s sake, hold your tongue and let me love you”, but I say – keep talking, utter those beautiful words in the way only you know how to…my heart will forever keep longing for you. After 12 Valentine’s days with you, I still wake up with that loving fire burning in my belly. May that fire never quench…may our love light eternal. – Olamide