Pnina Tornai Real Wedding Dress Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday December 4, 2019


“Say Yes to the Dress” fans, get ready for Pnina Tornai Real Collection. The latest bridal collection is everything you’d expect from the glam designer and more. The wedding dress collection has the designer’s signature sexy silhouettes and jaw dropping ball gowns for brides looking to make a serious entrance. The gowns debuted at NYBFW, where coincidentally we met the lovable Randy from the show last year (big fan girl moment).

“In a world where we are often fed with fake news, fake looks, fake truth… the only way to find our paths is to be real. Real with ourselves. Real from the inside out. Just Real.”

From the designer on her Pnina Tornai Real Collection:

“I have chosen to present Real as a mosaic of different silhouettes and a combination of almost every fabric there is in bridal, walking down the runway on a variety of models representing almost every bride from every culture, color, and size. To be real is to keep in mind that the only way to achieve perfection is to accept our perfect selves as they already are– Real.”

This is a beautiful message that we stand behind 100%. Take a look at these stunning dresses, captured by Sy Photography: