Kesh Luxury Group Amazing Office Decor Reveal

Kunbi O / Monday September 9, 2019

Happy new week folks! If you’re looking for a little procrastination to kickoff your week, how about a little office decor inspiration to distract you? Anyone else work WAY better when  in a cute and conducive space? Re-organizing and re-decorating your work space not only is a great side project, but its a great way to amp up productivity. Chic, colorful decor can help get the creativity flowing, and clutter-free zones allow you to focus on the task at hand rather than obsessing over piles and messes. This is why we’re SUPER excited to reveal the new offices for our faves Kesh Luxury Group in Chicago, Illinois.

If you’re familiar with the creatives behind Kesh Events, Kesh Home Designs and the entire Kesh empire, you know what to expect- PERFETE-ion! This office decor reveal from Kesh Events is so fresh and the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. We love the neutral palette of black, grey and gold with little pops of bold color throughout. The addition of the bar cart is key, not only for aesthetic but perfect for celebrations of big wins and to wind down from a stressful day. The mix of textures, like the stunning velvet couch and gold figurines, adds interesting layers and points of interest throughout the space. Scroll for some serious office inspiration through these pictures by the talented Amy Anaiz: