15 Thanksgiving DIY Ideas you Can Try

Kunbi O / Sunday November 20, 2016


Hello lovers. I never have to look for a reason to get the crafting but there is something about the months between October and December that has my scissors and hot glue gone working overtime. My DIY projects go from 0 to 100 real quick. From Halloween costumes to Christmas cards there’s an unlimited vault of projects to try. Today we’re going to share with you some Thanksgiving craft projects we are dying to give a go. Yes, it’s a little last minute and there’s cooking to be done, but if you are looking to add a little personal festive touch then the following projects will have you adding your local craft store on your shopping list.

1. “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” Sign


2. Glittered Napkins


3. Table Setting Icebreaker


4. Decor Signs


5. Turkey Wreath


6. Autumn Wreath


7. Chalkboard Charger


8.  Glitter Leaf Garland


9.  Gold Wire Napkin Rings

(Image: Rachel Pereira)

10. Gold Lace Candle Holders


11. Honeycomb Paper Turkeys


12. DIY Painted Twigs


13. “Give Thanks” Garland


14. Thankful Jar


15. DIY Painted Acorns


I hope you found something great to try. DIY projects are often looked down upon as someone choosing the cheaper option, but I’ll be the first to tell you that time is most valuable thing we have so if someone chooses to spend time on anything it’s a very wealthy investment. It also gives you the opportunity to make something the exact way you want. Plus even when it doesn’t come out as perfect as the picture you’ll NEVER believe how impressed people will be that you actually did it with your own two hands.

Thank you for reading this I love sharing with you guys. We’ll be talking Christmas project ideas from decor to gifts in a few (don’t worry we’ll get you those with time to spare). Oh, if you had any time to get one of our Thanksgiving suggestions in, we’d love to see how they turned out, so please tag us using the hashtag #APLDIY so that we can see and maybe even repost a few.