Make A Wish Bridal Collection | Mira Zwillinger

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday May 30, 2019

Mira Zwillinger Make a Wish Bridal Collection 2020 model walking down runway

If you had three wishes right now, what would they be? My first wish would be that the work day is over. The second includes a perfectly chilled glass of wine in my hand. The last points to a slight time change miracle that I could go back in time to my wedding, and wear one of the gowns featured in this collection. Today’s 2020 Make a Wish bridal collection by Mira Zwillinger is simply divine. I like to describe it as chic, high fashion, and boudoir bridal. Nearly every piece has seriously sexy peekaboo sheer fabric. Celestial and floral details. Plunging necklines. High hemlines. Cinched waists alongside bold elements. And, to top it all off, nearly every gorgeous wedding gown has a bit of Cinderella sparkle adding that perfête magical touch.

If you are not familiar, Mira Zwillinger is a luxury bridal brand hailing from Tel Aviv. Led by mother-daughter fashion designers, Mira Zwillinger and Lihi Zwillinger, their signature style embodies flirtatious tenacity with an avant garde approach. In their 2020 Make a Wish bridal collection, you will find magic within detailed intricacy. Assertive femininity. And, all within the orbit of an elegant aesthetic. Yet, the most wondrous thing about this enchanting bridal fashion line is the very cutting edge use of 3-D printing technology. In turn, this avant garde fashion concept allows the designer team duo to literally hand draw directly onto the delicate fabrics of each dress. The future is here my friends, and it is looking chic.

Image Credits: Mira Zwillinger, Make A Wish Bridal Collection