Gift Guide: For the Wine Lover

Kunbi O / Thursday November 29, 2018

Decanter|Crystal glass markers|Wine Food Book|Bottle Holder|Wine purse|Gold rimmed red wine glass|Edge White Wine Glass|Wine Master Guide Book|Wine Cooler|Monogram wine cork holder|We’re going to need more wine|Socks|Wine fridge|Picnic Basket|Wine rack|Bottle opener

Anyone else feeling like this is the longest week EVER? After 4 days and lots of turkey, we are seriously dreaming of the weekend and cracking open the rosé a little earlier than normal this year. Which had us thinking, how about making a gift guide for our fellow winos? The girl with the “Yes way rosé” phone cover or your friend with the Vivino app who looks up every single wine on the menu before ordering (annoying, but also #spiritanimal). If you’re looking for a cute wine accessory to go with that bottle of pinot there’s 15 excellent options on this list. Happy shopping and CHEERS!