5 Tips To Help You Choose Your First Dance Song

Kunbi O / Thursday June 14, 2018

Choosing your First Dance Song-

Song selections for your wedding are no easy task to pick, and the first dance song is a particularly tough one! The reason why is couples often put a lot of pressure on choosing the perfect song for this moment. However, we’ve got some good news! The perfect song for your first dance together is often hiding right under your nose- or at least, on your favorite Spotify playlist. Here are some tips to help you select the sweet serenade you’ll step out onto the dance floor to! { Image by Black & Hue Photography}

1. Choose Lyrics That Are Meaningful

Have you ever heard that one lyric in a song that made you go, “that is so us?” Whether it remind you of how you met, tell the story of hardships you overcame, or just describe your unique love story, a song with meaningful lyrics can make your first dance that much more emotional.

Unsure how to begin finding songs that describe your unique relationship? Turn to your DJ or to Google. A surprising amount of music blogs, companies and DJ’s have reference lists for songs applying to certain situations, such as remarriage, marriage in elder years, high school sweethearts, and more. Maybe you’re a couple that had to spend some time apart to see you were meant to be! Hey, there’s a song for that. We’re swooning over these heartfelt lyrics to “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott.

2. Search Your Spotify for That Special Tune

Is there a song that you both love to sing together when it comes over the radio? One tune on your playlist that reminds you of your significant other everytime it comes on? This could be your winner. While many DJs and musicians will have their own list of suggestions for stumped couples, the moment will be that much sweeter if it’s to a song that means something to you as a couple.

3. Ask Your Entertainment Team to Change Up a Favorite

If you have a favorite song with your soon-to-be spouse but don’t think the tempo or rhythm makes for a dancing song, don’t give up hope yet. Scour the web for a cover or rendition from another artist that slows it down or speeds it up. If nothing appears in your search, consider asking your DJ or wedding musicians to create a new version of the song with the speed and style you prefer. Most are happy to put their creative skills to use for your big day!

Choosing your wedding song
Picture by Wani Olatunde Photography

4. Decide On the Type of First Dance You’d Like to Perform

Not every first dance needs to be a slow, soulful waltz! The style of the first dance should say something about you as a couple, whether it’s funny, exotic, complicated or meaningful. The choice of music that goes along with your first dance should match! Going for a simple, sweet sway with your beloved? Try a mellow, acoustic tune with meaningful lyrics. Want to have everyone pumped up and ready to party with you two newlyweds? Go for a unique routine to a contemporary or hip-hop song. If you’re well-traveled world explorers, try learning an Argentinian tango, salsa or rumba to a Latin tune.

Wedding dance song
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5. Think About Your Identity As a Couple

How do you and your significant other present yourselves to the world? Are you an effortlessly classy couple? World travelers? Outdoor enthusiasts? Contemporary hipsters? Your first dance song should reflect who you are to friends, family and each other. If you thrive on visiting a local coffee shop, reading beat poetry together and rifling through thrift stores for cool finds, “At Last” by Etta James may not be the most authentic representation of your cool and unique style. Likewise, if you live in a skyrise and frequent museums and art exhibits, an indie song from The Decemberists may not be your cup of tea.

Decide who you are and what the image you put out is, and choose artists and songs that match up with that identity for a moment that is uniquely you!