Introducing Aisle Society!

Kunbi O / Monday April 25, 2016

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Happy Monday Guys! It is with great pleasure and ridiculous excitement that I announce a project we’ve been working on alongside 30+ other wedding bloggers around the world. Aisle Society was formed by a collective of bloggers (including Aisle Perfect of course!) who have come together to create a new hub of wedding inspiration. Aisle Society will lead couples to the best wedding content that exists online, assisting them in finding inspiration along their wedding planning journey. So let’s cut to the chase, AKA the most exciting part. What makes Aisle Society different and why should you check it out?

It’s loaded with the most amazing, swoon-worthy content


Real WeddingsEngagements, Tips & Advice, Dresses, Color palettes – Aisle Society literally has anything and everything you could think of when planning and daydreaming about your big day. AND you can customize down to the very last detail, which brings me to point number two…

You get to choose what content you see


Remember the good old days of Pinterest when you would only see pins and images based on profiles you actually followed? Well, we miss it too, and we’re bringing back that personally curated experience with Aisle Society. You get to customize and tailor your feed based on what design elements, details and bloggers you love the most. Super into tiered doughnut cakes? (honestly who isn’t…) Or want to see only vineyard style weddings to get inspo for your ceremony in Napa? Yea, we’ve got you covered.

Credit Where Credit is Due

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We’ve all been there – you see the absolute most beautiful wedding dress and then get sucked into a rabbit hole for the next three hours trying to find out what designer it is, where you can buy it and then OOPS it’s 3am. Those maddening days are over, because Aisle Society is all about credits, credits, credits. We make sure that each wedding pro is credited and you can even reach out to them directly through the site. This makes the wedding planning process SO much easier and so much more fun.

Aisle Society

We’re so excited about this launch and so proud to be part of such an amazing group. You guys have got to check it out. Head over to Aisle Society and start tailoring your page by following all of your favorite inspiration (including Aisle Perfect)  and crafting your unique society experience. We know you’re going to absolutely love it 🙂