5 Pretty Perfect African Honeymoon Resorts

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday August 9, 2017

Wedding season is in full gear and as couples take their marriage vows, exchange their kisses and dance into their reception as the new Mr. & Mrs., they may say that the real celebration begins during the honeymoon. As important as the ceremonial expressions of their love and commitment, the honeymoon becomes an extension of those expressions. Ideally, the honeymoon is the relaxing endnote to wedding planning and the beginning of a shared life.

To achieve the balance between relaxation and intimacy, couples tend to look to the pretty perfect blues of the Mediterranean coast, the breathtaking architecture of ancient Europe, and the refreshing breeze of the Caribbean air, overlooking the beauty of Africa. With images of civil unrest and hungry children clouding the media, countries in Africa may not be at the top of the list to explore. However, couples shouldn’t let that deter them from discovering hidden African gems that rival even the prettiest conventional honeymoon locales. Here are 5 #PrettyPerfect African Resorts that you should totally consider:

1. Constance Ephelia Resort in Seychelles

You may not have heard of Seychelles, or even have known that it’s a part of the African Union, but Prince William and Kate fancied it for their honeymoon escape. This pretty island off the eastern coast of Africa is the home to the Constance Ephelia Resort.

It boasts of elegant beaches with private villas and sophisticated waves to match. This luxurious resort can surely become a beautiful backdrop for any couples R&R time.

2.  Andilana Beach Resort in Madagascar

Voted the World’s leading Beach Resort, this resort should satisfy a honeymooner’s dreams. The top ten reasons they say your should visit this breathtaking island are the seaside, the beaches, the Tropical Parkland, the delicious food and drink (including the Pily Pily restaurant), the real “all-inclusive” deal, their healthcare provision, the fact that its spotlessly clean, their swimming pool and its high staff numbers. Sound like every box is checked!

3. Azura Benguerra Island in Mozambique

Azura Benguerra Island, located in Mozambique, is a beautiful island hidden within a national park.  This eco-boutique resort was built and is operated in partnership with the local community to preserve the gorgeous views and scenery. This exclusive resort is a haven for relaxation, with only 20 private villas designed for the ultimate undiscovered getaway.

4. Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort in Morocco

The Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, located in exotic Morocco, is a honeymooner’s desert dream. With beautiful palm trees lining the massive pool surrounded by white cabana’s and private villas, this retreat was made for luxe couples. If lounging all day is not enough, the desert excursions are sure to soothe an adventurist at heart.

5. Singita Faru Faru Lodge in Tanzania

Andilana Beach Resort, in Madagascar, is an all-inclusive paradise. With lush greenery from its parkland, fine cuisine and abundant activities to explore, relax and unwind, it will not disappoint. There are 37 acres of gorgeous palms, exotic animals, and perfect villas, it’s hard not to fall in love with this beauty. This quintessential Safari resort in Tanzania is for the couple who wants to tread off the beaten path. The pretty landscape and the soothing calm of the glass-lined villas, draw in the rustic beauty of the Africa terrain. Creating a picturesque honeymoon that is hard to overlook.

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