Honeymoon Destination: St. Lucia

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday May 21, 2019

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Wedding season also means honeymoon season, so we’re rounding up some of our favorite destinations that are guaranteed to be perfect choices. Whether its basking in the sunny sands sipping on coladas, or hiking up the steepest mountains, your honeymoon should be a once in a lifetime experience you remember forever. An island that checks all these boxes is St. Lucia. Not to be biased or anything, but this is where Brandon and I went for our honeymoon and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We chose St. Lucia because of the amazing beaches, tropical landscape and honestly because it’s on every “Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations” article that I read researching spots. Boasting a drive-through volcano, as well as its own National Rain Forest Reserve with over 19,000 color-splashed acres of natural wonders, St. Lucia’s exotic beauty truly captures the luxuriant allure of the Caribbean. Here’s the info you need to know:


How to Get There

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If you’re lucky, you’ll snag a direct flight. If not, you’re probably going to transfer in Miami and take a 3 hour ride to UVF airport where you’ll de-plane fancy style straight off the steps of the plane. This is a tiny, tiny airport friends. So if you can, try not to arrive at noon on a Saturday or you’ll be hanging out in the customs line for a hot minute. Then you can shuttle or arrange private transport (highly recommend) to your resort, which will be anywhere from a 1 to 2 hour ride. Think of it kinda like a free tour of the island.


Where to Stay


Grande St. Lucian