KO2012: Our Honeymoon to Jumby Bay

Kunbi O / Tuesday January 1, 2013
Okay let me tell you about our honeymoon selection process. It took over four months of looking but it was beyond worth it. Our bottom line was this- we wanted equal parts beach, land, isolation and most important- luxury. 
Voted one of the best places to stay in the world,  Jumby Bay (pronounced joomby.. a Caribbean slang for a friendly ghost)  is an über exclusive private island (100% owned by private individuals) near Antigua in the Carribean. 
Insert: I have to applaud our travel agent Bruce Berger of  Cleveland Circle Travel in Massachusetts for introducing us to Paradise. 
Jumby Bay was everything and more. I truthfully cannot put our experience in words. The luxury was enchanting and the service- Oh my gosh the service! Top Notch doesn’t cut it. It is no surprise then that it has remained a celebrity favorite over the years.
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Our Jumby Bay Experience
side note: i really wish we took a fancy camera- these pics do it 0 justice
Packed up and ready to go. As kunbi-luck would have it I ended up forgetting to rock my shirt LOL… giving it away HERE so back to Jumby…


Panoramic view from one side of the “room”
Our outdoor shower 




So, the beaches...My GOD the beaches were just breathtaking! Since the Island was over 300 acres.. it was outlined by not one but FOUR beaches … one of the beaches ‘Pasture Bay’ is so preserved it is a famous nesting spot for rare turtles . Anyway imagine being alone on miles of miles of white sand and clear water. swoon
Turtle in Pasture Bay


Of courseeee we went snorkeling…

out to sea 





Each suite had bicycles we could ride around the island. I have never been so excited to cycle before- the extraness- lol. 

Jumby Bay’s spa was just as impressive and of course you know we wanted to have our massages on the beach … done! done! done!

Sunset Massages on the beach – CHEA!
Little Explorers on an Empty Island 
Map of the Island .. all this FOR US ! 
some more posing.
some more lounging…

My trusty obsidian crossbody 
Pool Time 
View from the infinity pool

A couple of days into our stay, we had a private candle-lit dinner on the beach. We actually got to meet the chef and handpick our entire menu (anything and everything we wanted no matter how farfetched)


Happy Honeymoon Games 
our awesome chef. 


Th resort had a nigerian channel available to us ..because we were Nigerian! talk about customer service. 


My favorite dish Nigerian “Yam and Egg” provided upon request… YES I actually showed them a picture online .. and they researched it and made it happen.


Hiking on a neighboring Island… I have always wanted to ‘hike’ so yeah ticked that ish off.. never again. lol



My name is Kunbi and I am NOT an alcoholic 

Taking advantage of the “ask and it shall be given” policy of Jumby Bay, we requested to swim with sting rays… and ‘swim’ we did… well one of us was too scared to go in. 

Scary stuff.


Rocking my wedding pressie from the ladies at Virgos Lounge for dinner. 
all alone in the light blue sea 


One night we returned to this…. 




special shout-outs to my friends Segi, Kike, Leila and Bola for helping with the outfit-selection process. haha