The 10 Things You Need To Do After You’re Engaged

Kunbi O / Thursday January 7, 2016

THE 10 things you need to do after you get engaged


Whether you never thought you would see yourself here, or you’re the one who has been dreaming of this day your entire life… there’s that shiny rock on your left ring finger. You just got engaged! Your best friend is now officially your fiance and you’re feeling nothing short of ah-ma-zing. After the initial glow and amazement wears off, reality hits you.   Where do you even begin? Well, we’re here to help with the 10 things you need to do after you get engaged.

1. Pick up the phone, and get talking.

AP Proposal at Yering Station 44
Noble Photography via Aisle Perfect

This is an occasion to share with everyone and their mother. You’re getting married! This is exciting. Don’t feel like you have to downplay that. When considering who to call to share this grand moment of your life, ask yourself this, “If this person were engaged, would you want them to call you?” Once you answer that, it’s time to make some calls.

2. Fit is key.

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If the ring doesn’t fit like a glove, the first thing you should do is get it resized. This is something you’re going to be wearing for the rest of your life, and even though you don’t want to part with it for a second,  it’s best to get the resize done right away so it doesn’t slip off your finger (or to make sure it slips all the way on!)

3. If you like it, then you should have put an insured ring on it.

soon to be mrs mug - engagement gift
“Soon to be Mrs Mug”  by Simply Made Greetings via Aisle Perfect

Now that your ring is sized to perfection, you want to make sure it’s protected. God forbid something happens to the ring, you will be thankful that your ring is insured. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so talk to your insurance agent right away. Also, word to the wise, never ever take your ring off when your washing your hands in the bathroom. Trust us on that one.

4. Get inspired.

mint and raspberry wedding inspiration
Mint and Raspberry Inspiration

Remember all those cheesy wedding movies that made you cry? Pull them out, because it’s your turn. Next to the movie binging, grab the latest wedding magazines and let your mind go wild. Remember that life will never look as good as Pinterest, but that this candid moment in your life will look so much better as long as you stay true to yourself the whole way through. So start your inspiration board, bookmark your favorite wedding blogs and get daydreaming.

5. There’s no way around it – it’s time to talk budget. 

printable wedding budget _ aisle perfect
Grab our free wedding budget worksheet here.

Before you go off and into the wind with all your fairytale wedding fantasies, make sure you stay grounded. Sit down with your fiance, parents and anyone else who will be financially contributing to the wedding and have an honest conversation about what your budget will be. From there, you can determine savings goals and start to prioritize what the big ticket items will be versus what you can save on.

6. Start a wedding journal or blog.

wedding planner
Caitlin Thomas Photography via The Knot

We can’t reiterate enough how special this moment is, and we don’t need to tell you that either. While we can’t travel back in time, so writing down your journey is key. Whether documenting memories in real-time online or in the comfort and privacy of your own journal, this time in your life is definitely one you’re going to want to keep in the books.

7. Pick a date. 

save the date stamp set
Save the Date Stamp Set

Maybe you always wanted a fall wedding with colorful leaves and deep burgendy bridesmaid dresses. Or maybe you always wanted to walk barefoot down the aisle on a beach with waves crashing in the background. Whatever season, it’s time to lock in a date. Venues book vast (some years in advance) and prime dates like Saturdays are the first to go. You can’t hire any vendors or ask your bridal party to stand by your side until you know a date, so make sure you pick one out right away.

8. Hire a wedding planner.

hire a wedding planner

Planning a wedding is a full-time job… literally. So consider hiring a wedding planner to help you piece together this special day. Then, you can have fun with the wedding without making it your entire life. Wedding planners have the resources, recommended vendors and experience to ensure you don’t miss details along the way. They also can serve as a day of coordinator, so all you have to think about is making it down the aisle.

9. Ask the family about their ideal guest list.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony - Kristen Weaver photography
Kristen Weaver Photography via Aisle Perfect

The guest list is never easy, but it’s nice having some direction of where to start. This is where family comes in. Make sure to reach out to your parents and your future in-laws and discuss family obligations. Budget is certainly a consideration and prioritizing friends and loved ones is no easy task, however it’s best to have an open conversation and make a game plan than to guess.

10. Take a moment to go back to the basics.

Kristen Curette Photography

You just got engaged! Before you go crazy with dress shopping, engagement photos and save the dates, take a moment (or a month!) to soak it all in. Go on a date with your fiance (yes you get to call him that now!). Take a trip down memory lane. Stare at that rock on your finger unabashedly. This is your moment, the beginning of a beautiful journey, so savor every single second.