Four Unexpected Wedding Color Schemes That Actually Work

Kunbi O / Tuesday September 22, 2015

They say wedding season holds prize in the summer, but we don’t think it’s done just yet. In fact, sometimes it feels like there’s a wedding every other weekend of the month. And hey, who wouldn’t love all the love? However with all these weddings back-to-back, how do you make your special day one to remember?

As little girls, we planned the wedding of our dreams in our heads for as long as we remember. From the gown to the centerpieces, we had a mental picture in mind. But how about the color scheme for this grand day we’ve always dreamt about?!

That’s where we come in! Today, we are sharing with you four unexpected color schemes that actually work and do wonders together.

#1 – Aqua, raspberry purple, tangerine, and magenta Palette1

If you want a color scheme that screams creativity, liveliness, and happiness with a touch of a cozy-indie feel— this is your color palette. We are loving this fun collaboration of colors that, though seemingly unconventional, have created the perfect mix of warm and cool hues!

Credits: Table Setting: Jen Kroll Photography Bridesmaid: Matthew Morgan
Bouquet: Vivien Chen Photography Wedding Program Fan: Wedding Templates

 #2 – Pomegranate and Fig Pomegranate and Fig  palette

Think wine merlot reds, faint olive greens, chestnut browns, mahogany and periwinkle greys. This would be the perfect color scheme for an autumn wedding as it has that cozy-woodsy ambiance to it.

Credits: Couple: Meghan Christine Bridesmaids: Eric Kelley Boutonnieres: James Ransom Table Setting: Catherine Marciniak Cake: Ashley Cook Photography


#3 – Jet Black and Apple GreenJet Black and Apple Green Palette

While it’s easy to cross off black as a color swatch option for a wedding (because maybe it seems too morbid or too intense) when done right, it screams chic. Plus, the fun of the apple green shade lightens the intensity of black and we just love how these two were paired! Bold and modern, but still radiating a classic look.

Credits: Wedding Gown: Vera Wang Bouquet: Forever Photography Heels: Erin Johnson
Table Setting: Tec Pataja                             

#4 – Mint, Lavender, Bright Plum, and Muted Grey Mint, Lavender, Bright Plum, and Muted Grey Palette

This palette screams fresh. The mint and raspberry colors look so clean together, and yet you would never think to pair green and purple… unless you were getting married to Barney the dinosaur. But this color scheme is the exception to that rule, and we are googly-eyed over it. The key is that the bright plum and the muted grey work to blend the lavender and mint colors nicely, so instead of looking like an Easter egg, it looks like the perfect way to say, “I do.”

Credits: Cake: Flour and Flourish Cake Couple: Volatile Photography Bouquet: Photo Love
Table Setting: Alexis June Weddings Vases: Best Photography

What do you think of these unexpected wedding color schemes? Any you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment below and let us know!