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Brianna Kozlarek / Monday December 21, 2015



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Happy Monday AP readers! We’re kicking off this week with a feature on one of our newest #PrettyPerfectPartners Creative PurposesAward winning Certified Wedding Planner Cheylaina Fultz, founded Creative Purposes in 2012 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Within 3 years, the company expanded into Columbus, Ohio and the staff grew to two Associate Planners and a Creative Coordinator. With a specialty in full service planning, Creative Purposes takes pride in designing signature weddings for the chic and modern Bridenista who desires a stylish yet distinctive atmosphere on her big day. The day is in the details so plan with purpose!

We had a quick Q&A with Creative Purposes founder Cheylaina Fultz who shared her advice for brides in the wedding planning process and some insight into her passions (including a very relatable love of chocolate covered strawberries!)

1.) Describe your style and aesthetic

Our bubbly and upbeat personalities are translated throughout our style. If sparkle was a color, then hands down, it would be our favorite. After all, we believe that everything deserves to shine. As true fashionistas influenced by so many lovely brands, we simply have an eye for pretty and distinctive articles.

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2.)Do you travel within the US and/or Internationally?

Yes, our team of Certified Wedding Planners offers services in Columbus, Ohio, Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC. We are opened to traveling anywhere nationally and internationally, as we have experience in planning destination weddings. In just a few weeks we are headed to La Ramona, Dominican Republic for a beautiful destination wedding on 1/16/16.


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3.) Do you have any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?

Before the end of the year, I’m releasing a short e-book to my mailing list subscribers entitled “7 Essential Wedding Tips for the Bridenista.” My very first tip for the bride is to set a realistic budget. Before a bride even books her venue, she should hire a professional wedding planner who will guide her from the beginning by creating a detailed budget that lists how much to spend in each category of her wedding.


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4.) When you’re not working your day (and night!) job, what do you love to do?

If I’m not working, I love catching up with my line sisters and besties in our groupme, reading a great book, tuning into TGIT with my hubby, and pinning dream homes and interior design ideas while comfortably laying in my bed.


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5.) If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?

In August of 2013, I went on my first missions trip to the Sulmac Primary School in Lari, Kenya. It was the most amazing and life changing experience that I believe every American should have. Our team built a cowshed on the school’s property and provided them with 2 cows to generate revenue that would sustain the needs of the school. In addition, we built new desks for the students, and provided them with hot lunches every day while we were there. Unfortunately, there is no cafeteria and school lunch. If the kids have no food to bring from home, then they don’t eat. There were two children whom I bonded with and will never forget. Francis and Caroline had the biggest smiles and the sweetest spirits. I wanted to take them back home with me so badly. If I could go to any destination right now, it would be back to the Sulmac Primary School to see all of the wonderful students in Lari, Kenya. I often think about them and pray for their precious lives.



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6.) What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Oh goodness…great French fries and chocolate covered strawberries are the reasons why I must consistently jog and do yoga. 😉