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Kunbi O / Thursday December 4, 2014

Hangover Kit

Wedding hangover kits definitely make our list of awesome wedding trends of 2014. I mean, it makes complete sense- your guests need help recovering from the epic night that was your wedding. Below are a few of our favorite kits  plus we included a quick list of items to include when making yours. Enjoy!

Wedding Hangover Kits

Phoenix Bride and Groom

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Hangover Tins
Design Corral
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Welcome Bag Shoppe
Hangover Kit - Aisle perfect
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Hangover Kit 2
LS Creative Corner (Etsy)
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Hangover Recovery Kit
Hangover Recovery Kit via Perpetual Kid


Now, here’s what to include in your wedding hangover kit:

Wedding Hangover Kits

1. Advil / Any headache reliver : You should buy these in the single packs of two so you dont have to worry about packaging.

2. Vitamin C: They’re going to need that strength back after all.

3. Mints/Gum: To curb that post-alcohol breath

4. Mouth Wash

5. Water

6. Sunglasses: These are always a fun idea.
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