AP Spotlight: Carats and Cake

Kunbi O / Friday July 12, 2013
The Wedding Artists Collective
TGIF! We are super excited to bring you today’s spotlight. Carats & Cake is an innovative social network providing brides-to-be with direct access to trusted local vendors reviewed by recently married couples. In their own words “it’s Facebook meets Pinterest meets Yelp.” You basically can inspire other brides by creating your own wedding page of your favorite wedding pictures with information on each vendor that helped make your day perfect. With a click of the mouse your inspiration can become another bride’s reality-a brilliant idea really. We caught up with the C.E.O. of Carats & Cake– Jess Levin  to learn more about this fabulousness.  

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How it Works
Newlyweds load 20 photos from their big days and tag them with their vendors that helped them pull it all off. Vendors then have pages populated with images from those real weddings that brides-to-be can “heart” and connect directly with the vendors through. It’s like a huge referral network of newlyweds, brides in planning mode and the best vendors from around the world.
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How it Started
I saw what should have been one of the most celebratory moments of my friends lives, turn into one of the most stressful and challenging mostly because of a lack of information. Regardless if they were planning an intimate backyard wedding or a black tie bash, it was difficult to find authentic insight to guide them in identifying the right vendors.             
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Gary Ashley- Wedding Artists Collective
Tips on the Submission Process
We don’t have a traditional submission process at Carats & Cake but the weddings our users really respond to are the ones where the couples go above and beyond and really share their experience in the hopes of making their wedding a resource for brides-to-be. So not only sharing their photos and providing their vendors, but taking the time to add comments about why the choose their florist or how their photographer went above and beyond. It’s this whole idea of “what I wish I would have known.”
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We love this concept and can’t wait to try it out ourselves. So go ahead Ladies, give Carats and Cake a try, Help your fellow brides!