Nurit Hen Summer 2014 Collection Part 1

Kunbi O / Thursday June 5, 2014
I don’t know how many times we can tell you that Israel runs the bridal fashion world. We even had an AP reader book a flight to Israel to find her dream dress (which she did by the way!). Designer Nurit Hen wowed us last year with its 2013 collection of show-stopping, mouth-watering, too-many-adjectives-to-use dresses. Now the Israeli designer has released a summer collection that just blows you completely away. Each look in this collection is a classic in it’s own right. From a timeless caped gown to a few embellished long sleeve stunners and that romantic yet sensual silhouette we have now come to identify with this region… there’s nothing but perfection in this collection. Sooo.. like we said last year: book your tickets ladies, your dream dress awaits you across the Jordan river. There are way too many dresses for your hearts to handle in one post so check back for part two tomorrow. 

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