Wedding Dresses from Pantora Bridal’s Boundless Collection

Kunbi O / Monday February 13, 2017

We’re starting the week off with a BANG thanks to our newest #PrettyPerfectPartner, NY wedding designer Pantora Bridal. We are, in a word, OBSESSED with their Boundless Collection, which features some of the most unique and beautiful dresses we’ve seen this year. They describe this collection as a juxtaposition between inclusion and exclusivity. Inclusive because they focused on creating a nude foundation for the forgotten skin tones, FST. FST includes illusion mesh and fabric bases that allow for a comfortable more universal nude look on a variety of complexions. Exclusive because their brand is sold in a very few select locations. Many of the ensembles are created with custom textiles designed in house or imported from the finest beaders and hand workers in the world. We LOVE the idea behind using a nude foundation that works for many different skin tones. So innovative! So if you want to get your hands on an exclusive Pantora Bridal gown, there are only three in person ways to go about it: visiting thier Flagship NYC store, visiting them while they are on our national tour or visiting the retailers that carry a curated selection of their dresses. Take a look at this knockout collection:

From Pantora Bridal:

The Boundless collection was designed to inspire, it was created solely out of love and for love. The Pantora slogan is “… dream in reality.” What ever it is that a person is moved by should be followed with steps that allow them to dream in reality. Our dream in reality for this collection was for it to be boundless, we wanted to devote a boundless amount of energy towards our work, deliver and show immeasurable love in our product and most importantly reach heights that we have not seen.