Lihi Hod 2017 “Maison des Rêves” collection at NYBFW

Feyi Bello / Monday October 10, 2016


If you are a modern, boho bride then this post is for you. We had the amazing opportunity to meet with designer Lihi Hod at NYBFW and were blown away by her latest collection. Inspired by Parisian haute couture and its inimitable chic, the Lihi Hod 2017 “Maison des Rêves” collection embodies luxury, precision, and uncompromised quality. The collection features dreamy, timeless materials and designs, offering a fascinating combination of French style and effortless beauty. With meticulous craftsmanship Lihi Hod returns to the foundations of design, unraveling the source of beauty to create 16 couture gowns that are classic and yet breathtaking. The 2017 campaign was shot at Shenkar College, Israel’s leading design school, symbolic of Lihi’s early creative process in a physical “Maison des Rêves” or “House of Dreams.” This collection is so chic and modern, we are loving every second of it. Take a look at our favorite picks:


lihi-hod-2017-collection-1 lihi-hod-2017-collection-2 lihi-hod-2017-collection-3 lihi-hod-2017-collection-4 lihi-hod-2017-collection-6


lihi-hod-2017-collection-7 lihi-hod-2017-collection-8 lihi-hod-2017-collection-9 lihi-hod-2017-collection-10 lihi-hod-2017-collection-12 lihi-hod-2017-collection-14 lihi-hod-2017-collection-15 lihi-hod-2017-collection-16 lihi-hod-2017-collection-18