What Style Wedding Dress Best Suits Your Personality?

Kunbi O / Thursday October 29, 2015
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Photo via Peterson Design

The dress. It’s the dress you’re getting married in. Not only do you want it to fit you like it was custom made for you, but you want it to be a representation of yourself. You wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle, see the love of your life, and not recognize yourself. As corny as it is, finding the perfect dress is like a Cinderella moment.  So today, we’re answering the question: What style of a wedding dress best suits your personality?

If you are that classic, white-picket fence, J. Crew everything type of gal…

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Photo: Zara Zoo via Aisle Perfect

Then you my dear, deserve a ball gown. We’re talking sweetheart neckline, with a skirt that cascades layer upon layer. This dress would look like it hopped straight out of a Disney princess movie.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, the girl who secretly wishes she had Kate Middleton’s love story…

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Photo: Kristyn Hogan via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Then the wedding dress for you is made of lace lace, and either fits off the shoulder or has long sleeves. There’s something so decadent about these types of gowns; they’re really just the epitome of romance.

If you are a free spirit, lover of mother nature and all…

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Photo: Jessica Stoe via Green Wedding Shoes

Then you need a gown that is as bohemian chic as your heart. It should be a little eccentric, and have those intricate flowers you love to put in your hair.

If your power color is red, and you practically personify the goddess that
is J. Lo…

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Photo: Kris Kan via Aisle Perfect

Then you are a siren. You radiate confidence and rock red lipstick like no other. The wedding gown for you is without a doubt the mermaid gown. It’s dramatic and feminine. It’s a silhouette that’s made for someone as bold and confident as you.

If you are the minimalist, the one who never thought she would fall in love…

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Photo: Christina Carroll via SMP

Then you need something modern, a gown that isn’t flashy or loud. No sequins, no overwhelming skirt, and absolutely no feathers! Something as simple as the simple accident of how you fell in love, that thing you thought would never happen.
What do you think of these suggestions? It’s tough trying to generalize each woman by personality, because we’re all different. But matter what, just wear a dress that reigns true to you. Not the dress your mother or mother-in-law insists you wear, no. Wear the dress that the moment you put it on, you never want to take it off. You’d go grocery store shopping in it if you had it your way.