5 Pretty Perfect Ways to Infuse Religion into your Wedding

Kunbi O / Thursday March 20, 2014
Ring in Bible shot by V. Rosen Photography

Happy Thursday! We first got this idea from a post Gee over at KnotsVilla did about having a Christian Themed Wedding. I love the concept of infusing religion into your big day even outside of the ceremony. We decided to post our own take on it after we spotted the cool Bible guestbook our Aisle Perfect couple Kaitlyn and Justin had at their wedding. So here are 5 quick ways to incorporate your faith into your wedding…

The Prayer Before
Image by Alicia Pyne 

If you are still not a fan of seeing your groom in any manner before the ceremony, then pray with your bridal party. There’s something so powerful about seeing your best friends come together like that.

Groomsmen praying for groom as seen on Aisle Perfect
Image by Kelly T via Bridal Style
Image by Christine Taylor Photography
Bible Guest Book
Bible guestbook via Aisle Perfect Wedding | Image by Le Cape Weddings 
Bible Guestbook | Image by Kelly Hornberger photography
Bible Verse Decor
Via 2Chicsthatbelieve
Bible Verse Aisle Decor via Minha Filha Vai Casar
Image by Bethany Belle Photography
5. Favors
For our traditional wedding we gave out mini-bible favors. Unfortunately, I can’t for the life of me find a picture of them. I’m not sure if the ones we got were effective though, since it was impossible for people to read them. I think it’s the whole idea of it that counts haha.


Bible Keychains via TheSuppliesDiva
Wedding bookmark favor via Alittlebirdtweetme
At the end of the day from the vows to the music, you can do a whole lot to make your wedding day super spiritual. Check out Knotsvilla’s  10 Ideas for a Christian Themed Wedding for more ideas on achieving this.