Creative DIY Bridesmaid Proposal

Kunbi O / Thursday July 11, 2013
I am a stan for creative brides. Today we’re sharing bride-to-be Sonume’s creative and adorable DIY bridesmaid proposal. Enjoy!
From the Bride’s Sister:

It’s funny cause I don’t think my sister Sonume knew exactly what she wanted to do for a while. She has 12 bridesmaids who are all her best friends from different stages of her life, and are all still such a huge part of her life now. Sonume has actually been a bridesmaid herself numerous times (its actually kinda ridiculous haha) and realizes how much time, money and energy goes into it so I think all she really wants is for her bridesmaids to feel special. 

We’re pretty artsy in our house so we started pitching in ideas and slowly it came together. We wanted a combination of something classic, thoughtful and fun. We got the boxes from Michael’s. They were pretty simple boxes so we also purchased some wood stain to get a richer color. I actually used to use this method for a few of my architecture projects in studio so was excited to use the technique for something non-school related. 

We made accordion cards and included each bridesmaid’s picture in it with a special note. 

Finally, we bought mini champagne bottles from our  neighborhood wine store and then got  little green sachets from A.C. Moore to put the Godiva chocolates in.

Super thoughtful. I Love!