10 Fun Activities For Your Wedding Reception

Kunbi O / Tuesday November 3, 2015
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The wedding reception is the part of your wedding where everyone can hoorah the newly weds and celebrate. Of course you want it to be a night to remember. You don’t want to find your guests glued to their seats talking amongst themselves. No, you want them to out of their chairs, on the dance floor, and feeling just as happy as you are. With this said, we’ve come up with 10 fun activities that you must try at your wedding reception to make sure it isn’t drab, but fab! These activities are sure to give your guests something to remember!

1. Photo “I Spy” game.
Each table will have an “I Spy” game card. On that card will be assignments such as, “I spy… the bride and groom kissing.” Then, the people sitting at the table are responsible for taking pictures of each “I spy” task. On the card, it will say a hashtag or an email where the photos can be uploaded to!

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2. Message in a bottle from the guests.
There will be bottles next to each seat on the table. These bottles will be attached with a small piece of paper where the guests can each write out what they wish or want to say to the newlyweds. They could even share date night ideas!

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3. Games > Floral Center Pieces
Instead of center pieces, why not have games like Scrabble or Connect 4 sitting at the table! This way, the guests can interact with each other. Especially guests who are too shy to break a leg on the dance floor, or for the children who may get a bit restless after awhile!

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4. Jenga
Do we need to even explain this one? Just like the games replacing centerpieces, Jenga is a great way to get people involved. It could be set as an outdoor activity for people who don’t want to dance, but also don’t want to feel secluded to their table. Plus it’s an easy game to teach people who have never played before and it never gets old.

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5. The Wii, Rock Band
Rock Band at a wedding reception is like a millennial’s dream come true. It’s simple, it’s fun, and hey who doesn’t like music? Plus, it’s a game that gets everyone involved.

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6. Bride vs. Groom
Have the bride and groom sit back-to-back. Then, a series of random opinionated questions will be asked to the newly weds. The wedding court will act like judges for Miss America, they will decide whether the bride or groom had the best answer. They will hold signs with either the bride or the groom’s face to indicate who they voted for.

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7. Ice Breakers
These speak for themselves. Ice breakers will help guests who’ve never met get to know each other. The cards could have statements such as, “If you’re an Aquarius, stand up.” Guests will find out they have more in common than they thought!

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8. Interactive food station
Maybe for desserts, you can have a dessert bar with an assortment of differnet treats (and maybe even a chocolate fountain!) Or a bar where you build the food yourself, like tacos or burritos!

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9. Plan a surprise for the guests!
Maybe it’s an unexpected dance routine/flash mob performance. Either way, plan something that you can hype up but keep on the down-low until the last moment, so your guests look forward to staying the entire reception in anticipation for the surprise you’ve planned!

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10. The classic photo booth station
Who doesn’t like taking photo booth pictures? They’re the best souvenirs for a night to remember, and there’s no pressure of looking like a model in these photos. They’re simple, fun and timeless. Extra points if you cater the photo booth to fit a particular theme, such as an old-time vintage theme!

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Any other ideas you have in mind that you want to share? Feel free to comment below!