Introducing #PrettyPerfectPartner Elle Nicole Events

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday October 2, 2017

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Happy Monday lovers! We’re so excited to introduce one of our new amazing #PrettyPerfectPartners, Elle Nicole Events! Elle Nicole Events was started by three girl bosses who have the passion for producing and designing one of a kind events for their clients. Meeting in high school, Ashlee and Kristin reunited during the planning of their 10 year class reunion in 2013.  Over dinner and drinks, Ashlee and Kristin talked about their dreams of planning events on a larger scale, and after another conversation with Taunita, Ashlee’s best friend and fellow classmate, Elle Nicole Events was born.

Since starting their company, they have gained experiences that are invaluable and have planned amazing events for some very special people. The core of their business is their clients and their goal is to exceed client expectations with every event.  Their background in design and coordination allows them to plan weddings and events using bold patterns, beautiful color palettes and luxurious décor to flawlessly execute all events. Their clients trust them with their events because they know Elle Nicole Events believes that love is truly in every detail.

We had the opportunity to chat with Ashlee, Kristin and Taunita to find out all the deets on their amazing services and what inspires them:

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Describe your package offerings

Our packages include  variety of events including weddings, social and corporate events. Elle Nicole packages are designed to cover all of our client’s planning needs; whether they want us to plan and design every detail or to come in at the final planning moments to tie all of the loose ends. We also build personalized, custom planning packages to meet the needs that aren’t covered in a traditional package!

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What is your Price Range? (optional)

Our packages start at $2,500 and custom proposals are prepared for each client.

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What inspired you to go into events?

While our high school reunion was the catalyst, what inspired us early on and even to this day, are the memories we’ve been able to create and the people we’ve been able to touch. By the time our high school reunion date came(almost a year later from the formation of our business), we had already had our first wedding, with several others booked that year. Seeing some measure of success so early on in our business, along with the love, fun and smiles that we saw the night of our reunion, let us know that we had made the right decision. We all still get that same feeling!

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Name some of your favorite vendors you’ve worked with?

We have so many Friendors! Memories of Bliss Photography, Renata Lynette Makeup, Get Plated Catering,, Creations by Sasha, Ebone Adrianne Floral Design, Ashleigh Bing Photography, DJ Reece, BCG Events, Terri Baskin Photography, Couture Cakes by Sabrina, Brightly Ever After, Petals and Promises, Tickled Photo Booth, Shaune Hayes, Select Event Group and Front Street Video are a few of our faves!


Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?

Yes, hire a planner! No we’re not just saying that because we are planners but it’s truly an investment. Even if you have planned every detail of your day, you are still going to need someone (qualified and reputable) to execute your vision on the day of your wedding. Talk to a planner about their packages and see if they offer services that suit your needs.

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When you’re not designing an event, what do you love to do?

Kristin: When I’m not designing an event I’m probably thinking about something else related to the event. What can I say? Event planning is embedded in me. I love brunch; it’s my favorite meal and I’m always out and around DC exploring the best brunch spots. I also enjoy binge watching television when I need to take a mental break.

Ashlee: When I’m not designing or working an event, I am catching up on my reality TV shows or a true crime documentary, or I’m taking a long car ride, so I can finally listen to one of my many podcasts lol.  I can also be found trying to find inspiration and time to plan my own wedding!

Nita: While I may assist my partners with events from time to time, my primary responsibilities include managing our website, social media and partnerships that help us market our client’s weddings and our business. When I’m not thinking about the next way we can improve our brand, I am unplugging…because my role insists that I’m often  glued to my cpu, when I can catch a break, I like to enjoy it with some family+friend fun or a nice road trip.

If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?

Ashlee: Any beach right now!  Unfortunately, planning my wedding halted vacation plans this year, but next year, it’s on!  I really want to travel to Europe again and it’s definitely on the list!

Nita: It’s a tie between Santorini, Greece and Hawaii. Either way, drinks, linen, relaxation and beach please 🙂

Kristin: Take me back to Italy! I loved everything about Italy – the food, the culture, the wine. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in the world.

What is your favorite Guilty pleasure?

While we are all very different, we all share a love for reality tv, memes and shopping!

Tell us Something that recently inspired you?

Nita: Recently, the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. While I could remember her life and death, I was still very young. The anniversary of her death, gave me an opportunity to further research and read about her life. I was so inspired by her contributions to humanity. She was so super caring, giving and compassionate…and she was ALWAYS fly!

Ashlee: These days, I’m such a sap and any great love story give me all the feels! After having great examples of selfless love demonstrated in my family, I witnessed my grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this year and they have the sweetest love story ever told!  We could only be so lucky to celebrate such an incredible milestone!

Kristin: I recently met a couple who have been married for 62 years. The husband remembered every detail of the day he met his wife and every detail of her on their day they married. His wife agreed to this day he has never forgotten one detail about either day. I asked him which details stuck out most and he said, “Well, the fact that I remember every detail stands out because I never remember anything except when it matters most to me. I knew I loved her because I paid attention to every detail of her. ” I’ve also said that love is in the details and in that moment hearing that story it was inspiring and confirmation that I’m doing exactly what I believe. I’m blessed to be in a business that allows me to take my love for details to create memories for couples that will last a lifetime.

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