Engagement 101: Ten Things to do Once you say YES!

Kunbi O / Friday March 1, 2013
from: NYC Proposal by  By Petronella Photography
The most wonderful thing just happened. Your boo popped the question and you said YES!


The following ‘suggestions’ are just MY suggestions. Different strokes, different folks.. To each, her own.. blah blah blah haha. Before we start, here are a couple of checklists to save for the wedding planning process. Click HERE and HERE

Step 1: Call!
Call your parents, call your close friends, just call. The worst thing you want is for them to find out on one of the many social networks out there. Call.. or text.. or imessage.. or bbm. Just let them know.

Step 2: Groom those Fingers!
The day after I got engaged, my friends Nosa and Bola shipped me to a nail salon to ‘perfect the process’ haha. Ring-pics will zoom all over the web and you want your bling’s debut to be fabulous.

Step 3: Protect the Bling


Get your ring appraised, insured and resized (if necessary). Your new accessory is just that- new. I can’t tell you how many times I misplaced my ring in that house just because of its novelty and mis-fit- I kept removing it and placing it around… bad idea .. even worse consequences if it actually disappeared. A bride favorite is  Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual Insurance so give them a call

Step 4: Save and Perfect the Story
Okay this may sound foolish but every bride can relate to this. You may never have to recite something as many times as you’ll have to recite your proposal story. “Omg how did it happen?” “how did he do it ?” “tell me everything!” Girllllll… get ready. So after the millionth question (which of course was more than welcome by the way .. I mean imagine if nobody asked . I’d have hated it!) I wrote it down and almost memorized it … I was ready! haha . don’t judge me friends… it works I promise.

Step 5: Get Pumped
The initial shock should have worn off by now… okay not really but GET PUMPED .. grab some magazines.. cut out some pictures.. join Pinterest, Get a wedding planning journal, read Aisle Perfect and other wedding blogs hehe.. Get inspired!

Step 6: Discuss
6a. Discuss with your newly minted fiancé. Discuss a date , Discuss a budget
6b. Discuss with other brides, seek advice. The truth is you probably haven’t done this before and are clueless as to what to expect. Even before you hire a planner, speak to other brides and wives you know. Most importantly, read Aisle Perfect

Step 7: Prepare
Start doing the little things you can control. Start Saving, Start your sexy bride workout plan, Start exfoliating. Basically, Start!

Step 8: Pick a City… or a Country
Credit: Phillip Martin
This was a huge dilemma for us…well not really. We needed to decide whether or not we wanted to get married back home in Nigeria or closer to us here in America where we live. Even after deciding on the US, we still had to pick a state, then a city…and then a venue *shivers at the memory*. This decision is one you should make early, as it will help narrow down a lot of the other big decisions you have to make.

Step 9: Start a Guest list
Yes, this has to happen in the early stages. You and your significant other need to draft a rough sketch of the first draft of a first draft of the first draft. At least start throwing names out there so you have a rough Idea of which people need to be in the know.

Step 10: Call a Wedding Planner

Just call. You don’t have to hire one at the end of the day but call one and make sense of this mess called planning. They don’t charge to speak to you and most of them are usually helpful even during a consultation. You can decide after you speak with them whether or not you will be requiring their services. I will say this: I am of the strong opinion that a day-of wedding planner is more than necessary. Family members and loved ones are helpful and God bless them but you need an independent party to handle business, someone of the professional nature, someone you hire to ensure the seamlessness of your big day.

So yeah.. you’re Engaged! You’re Fabulous and You’ve Got This!
Need a checklist to guide you ? Check out these fabulous ones from Lauren Conrad and Digby & Rose