Our Wedding KO2012 | Bridesmaid Gifts

Kunbi O / Thursday November 15, 2012
I wanted my gifts to be both personal and functional and I think I succeeded…


    Authentic freshwater pearls by Honora

    I put them in mini heart-shaped jewelry boxes as seen in the picture above.
  2. Waffle-weave robes with their Monogram ( or for some- their first names)
  3. Handmade Ankara Earrings from Oja.com
  4. Personalized Bags with their first initials and expertly selected colors LOL this one was for my friend Fona who is an AKA (alpha kappa alpha sorority) so her colors reflected that .
  5. Kansas Jayhwak Tee from Zumiez.com – As a University of Kansas Alum, I am a huge fan of the Jayhawks… this was my chance to force the Jayhawk passion on my girls.
  6. I LOVE Naftali’s collection of funny Luggage tags
  7. Moleskine Mini- Notebooks: I gave this to some of my bridesmaids who love writing ..
Yeah I really put my heart and soul into my gifts… and I think I got a little carried away BUT these women have been awesome gifts to my life and I could not have executed the year of planning without them.
Bridesmaid Bukky rocking her B bag
Bridesmaid Fola in her Jayhawk Tee.. Bleeding Crimson and Blue!
Bridesmaid (and Boo of life)  Nosa in her Tee… Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Bridesmaid Bola rocking her Ankara earrings
MOH Seye with Bridesmaids Fola and Segsta in their comfy personalized robes


Bridesmaids Nne and Bu (for Nne and Ndali wives -to-be I did their future last names)
Bridesmaid Danielle .. love u girlie 😀

I LOVE these women!
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