Quarantine Friendly Engagement Gift Guide

Perfete / Friday July 10, 2020

Quarantine has been a true test of our relationships with those we live with (and even those we don’t!) The beautiful side to this is that we’re seeing so many romantic and heartfelt engagements, a silver lining we absolutely love to celebrate. Most couples will not be able to do a traditional, big engagement party for awhile, so sending over a little something special to congratulate them is extra appreciated right now. Whether it’s sending over something to create a fun date night, a personalized memento or simply a bottle of bubbly. Here are 15 unique, quarantine friendly gift ideas for the newly engaged couple in your life:



1.) An at home wine tasting

First things first, we need to cheers! If you can’t bring the couple to Napa, it’s time to bring Napa to the couple! Wine Party Co. has made it easy for couples to have the perfect engagement-moon from the comfort of their own home. Gift the newly engaged duo with Wine Party Co.’s tasting card set which will give the lovely couple a chance to taste and learn about wine in a hands-on, and super entertaining way!



2.) Cozy blankets for nights in 

Image via Two Peas in a Prada

We’re all spending more time at home now, so we might as well be as cozy as possible. These blankets by Barefoot Dreams are the absolutely softest and perfect for a romantic cuddle at home.


3.) Vow Books

Writing can be extremely therapeutic, especially during stressful times like these. Taking the time to make notes during your engagement in this beautiful His and Her Vow Books will help you create a truly personal and memorable moment during your ceremony.

4.) Planning Calendar

We can all probably agree that life seemed a little monotonous during quarantine. However, your newly-wed friends are entering a brand new chapter of life, and may find this sudden change in pace a little…overwhelming. Brite Lite Tribe has got the perfect stress-eliminating solution; the acrylic, dry erase GOALS calendar. This fun-colored calendar can help the couple organize their newly shared schedule with spaces to plan out their week, create a to-do list, and add helpful notes or quotes. Equipped with bright neon light letters, it’s hard to forget about this helpful tool.

5.) Board Games


Hear me out – taking a digital detox and playing a board game with some cocktails is SO fun! It’s a great way to mix things up. Getting the newly engaged couple a few fun board games is like giving them recurring, fun date nights. A few fun ones are Wit’s End, Game of Thrones MonopolyOff Topic.

6.) Meal Delivery Service

Setting the newly engaged couple up with a meal delivery service is a great idea, because it’s like giving them a cooking class and dinner all in one! Home Chef is a great choice with lots of options. We also love the Daily Harvest for easy smoothies!

7.) Ring protectors for home workouts

Every married couple understands the struggle of keeping their beautiful rings intact! The gym is one of those places where that struggle comes into play. Weights, bars, and ropes can definitely do some damage on those delicate bands, which is why Buffr makes a great gift for those couples who can’t wait to hit the gym. Buffr acts as a protective guard that protects engagement and wedding bands from damage while users workout. This small but meaningful gift is sure to be a hit for those fitness-loving newlyweds!

8.) Vitamix

Going along with our Daily Harvest recommendation, smoothie’s are a fun and nutritious meal to make. Vitamix is the best blender in the biz, and is a great gift for couples looking to up their fitness game during their engagement or for margarita fans 😉


9.) I Said “Yaaass!” shirt

Okay so this is cute af shirt def more for the bride, but any gift for the bride is a gift for the groom, right?!

YAS shirt

10.) Bling wipes

When you’re newly engaged, there’s nothing more you want to do than show off that bling! We’re all washing and sanitizing our hands like crazy right now, which can dull a ring’s shine. Enter, Bling wipes, which are perfect to keep that ring nice and sparkly!

11.) Countdown sign

The days leading up to your wedding are so exciting, and a chalk Countdown Sign makes the waiting game even more fun!

12.) Custom handkerchiefs

Despite what Fergie says, big girls do indeed cry (& men too!). Get them for the water wooks with custom-made handkerchiefs. Both brides & grooms can benefit from this great little detail, and you can make it sentimental by getting something special, or even funny embroidered onto it for them to cherish forever!

13.) Night Sky Map

My husband actually got this as an anniversary gift for me and I love it so much! This Night Sky Map is such a sweet gift for the day they met or their engagement date and is a beautiful, neutral piece that would fit in any home.

14.) Engraved Wine Bottles

Speaking of gifts we love, Editor in Chief Kunbi got this as a gift from her husband and loved it so much! We’re drinking a lot of wine right now, why not give the couple something a little extra special.

15.) Coffee!

Now that one of the two has put a ring on it, it’s no doubt that they will be in for long days of planning and getting arrangements together. To avoid burnout, caffeine can truly be our best friend. With that being said, keep their buzz going strong by gifting them with a Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker from Williams Sonoma. This will not only become a kitchen staple, but it’s sleek design looks great on any countertop!