Championing Change: Elevating Black Excellence in the Wedding Industry

Elizabeth Davis / Thursday February 1, 2024

As I stand at the intersection of personal success and industry evolution, I find myself reflecting on the challenges I have faced being a vendor of color within the wedding industry. I’ve grappled with the struggle of defining my role in this D&I conversation, a struggle further complicated by the daily mental toll it takes on one individual against a backdrop of systemic issues that have persisted long before my time. In 2020, I shared my unfiltered thoughts about operating in an industry that often overlooks the existence of vendors of color. The desire to simply work, to let my craft speak for itself without the burden of tokenization, is a sentiment shared by many of my peers within the industry.  This post is not just about another list; it’s a reminder that our shared humanity binds us far more than it divides. It’s a call to break free from our bubbles and recognize the profound impact our decisions have on others’ lives.

The “List”

Over the past month I dedicated time to compile an extensive list of black vendors, a heartfelt tribute to my friend Justin (I miss you friend!)  and our joint dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in industry we both loved so dearly. 

I knew that there were many vendors that were not listed and it was impossible for me to find everyone. So I am going to ask for your help. I created a spreadsheet and I would love for you to contribute to it. I have it available for you to add a comment of missing wedding vendors and their information. Those comments will come to my email and I am making the personal commitment to update this list throughout the entire month of February. This spreadsheet will always be available on this post. You can save a copy for yourself and I encourage you to follow the other vendors in the list and  build community with other people in your discipline, you may not have known.

  Black History Month Round Up 

So for Black History Month, let’s not just celebrate but reflect. Are we authentically representing? Are we leaving a world improved for our children? Wedding vendors hold the power to shape the narrative, and it’s time to wield that influence responsibly, fostering a landscape where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated.

-Elizabeth Austin-Davis


A special, thank you to all of the vendors who contributed to our Instagram reel. You can find their information below.

Stanlo Photography

The Sharp Standard

Lemiga Events

Honey and Vinyl

The Superior Collective

Jeanty Studios

Avonne Photography

Renee Jael Photography

Jayne Heir Events

Sacia Matthew Photography

Rae Marcel Photography

Amy Anaiz photography

By Dami Studios

B Astonished Events

Sugar Euphoria

Esther Makau Photography

Ile Events

Fierce Image Beauty


Vainglorious Brides