Clean, Create and Restore: What to Do at Home While Self-Isolating

Kunbi O / Thursday April 2, 2020

what to do at home during quarantine

Where my Type A ladies at? There’s nothing better than a good list, and no better feeling than crossing things off said list. I know for me, when I have too much idle time, my anxiety starts to creep up. Staying busy (note: not avoidant, just active) is one of my top tricks for keeping anxious thoughts at bay. I think we all have a little extra time on our hands right now, and sometimes it can feel too overwhelming to think about what to tackle or how to take time for yourself. So, we put together this super comprehensive list. Whether you want to burn off some energy cleaning, organizing a neglected space to create a sense of calm, try a new activity, or simply give yourself a little love, we’re certain there’s something on this list you haven’t tried yet. My personal strategy is to check off one box a day in each column: clean, create and restore. Save this cheat sheet of everything you can do at home while self-isolating. I promise it will come in handy. We’re in this together my friends, and we will get through it!