25 Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas

Feyi Bello / Monday February 5, 2024

Cue the red roses and hearts because Valentine’s Day is officially popping around the corner sooner than you think. Yes, February 14th is a mere few weeks away! If you’re already starting to slightly panic because you haven’t begun to plan yet or are racking your brain for inspiration, we have plenty of different suggestions to take the worry off of your plate. In fact, this is a year to stray away from a nice traditional dinner out and buy the same box of chocolates.

Let your other half know just how special they are to you with these top budget-friendly options that won’t empty out your wallet. Whether you use one or all of these ideas, keep on reading to find out how to craft the perfect day that you’ll both remember years down the line.  


Play Hooky for Day 

Do you and your partner each have an extra sick day at work to spare? This is your sign that those emails can wait an extra day, and you can cash in those hours guilt-free! Whether it’s a day where you’re cuddled up in bed with Netflix in front of you or one where you go out to window shop the stores downtown, take the full day and make it your own. 


Book a Cooking Class 

Instead of picking up takeout or going to a fancy restaurant, shake it up with a cooking class for the two of you. If there’s a dish you’ve been dying to try or are a little nervous to do alone in your own kitchen, now is the chance to take the dive under the supervision of a professional. Best of all, you’re not fighting for a dinner reservation with the rest of the Valentine’s Day crowd.  


Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Life gets us swept up in the thick of our daily routines. Make it a point to write out a list of all the things you’ve never done in your own city, and check some of them off as you do them with your partner during the holiday. From visiting a famous landmark to trying out the town’s famous bakery, you can have the list become a fun mission to complete well past Valentine’s Day, making it a new go-to for date ideas.    


Recreate a Favorite Date 

Cherish a memorable moment such as your very first date by recreating it to pay tribute and relive the memories. If you can’t remake it exactly as it was before, you can still take small parts and add it into your plans. This can consist of making the dessert you had from home or buying a bottle of wine you had at a  restaurant that may no longer be in business. 


Have a Wine and Cheese Night 

Whether at home or a winery, spend quality time together as you find a new wine to enjoy. If you want to make it a party, plan to have guests bring their own favorite bottles and cheeses over to sample and savor. You can even have a vote at the end of night for the best of each.   


Make Breakfast in Bed 

There’s nothing like a tasty breakfast in bed for the two of you. Spend your morning lounging around as you have your morning coffee and eggs. With different schedules and the normal rush of the early hours, it’ll be nice to slow it down for part of the day.  


Go on a Pizza Tour 

Are there a few well-known pizza spots in your town? Why not make it a whole experience and try out each spot slice by slice? If this food option isn’t your favorite, you can switch it out to other tasty items like soup dumplings or burgers. It’s a great way to explore a town while also indulging in your cuisine of choice.


Host a Game Night 

Dust off the board games and pull out the cards for a night of a little healthy competition. You can sip on a glass of wine as you maneuver a winning play against your partner. Open up the invite for other couples to join too. They can even bring some of their own games to make it an even bigger event. The more the merrier! 


Get Competitive at an Arcade 

If you want to take the gaming outside of the house, then go head down to an arcade for a bunch of other different options. It’s a great excuse to head down memory lane and play some of each other’s favorites from when they were a kid. 


Create a Home Spa

A spa at home is the perfect way to unwind and relax with your significant other, especially if you live in an area where you may be snowed in during the day. Run a hot bath or give each other massages. Don’t forget the face masks and aromatherapeutic candles! 


Throw a Themed Dinner Party 

Make the night a full-blown event by having a themed dinner party. It could be as simple as serving a specific type of cuisine such as taco night or going above and beyond with a murder mystery where all the guests dress up to play a part. You could also stick to a classic Valentine’s Day concept with a red table setting and sweet treats to serve afterwards.


Go Stargazing 

Take a walk with a picnic blanket to lay out and see the stars. There’s something super relaxing and peaceful about sitting back and looking up to gaze at nature’s lights. If you have a truck, you could even set up the back as a temporary cozy bed with pillows and blankets for the occasion. Bring some hot chocolate along for a dessert and to keep warm. 


Go See a Psychic 

No matter what stage of the relationship you’re in, it could be a fun experience to see a psychic to get your tarot read and see what the future holds. Keep an open mind as you never know what could come out of it!  


Write Each Other Love Letters

If you’ve never written each other love letters, now is the perfect time to start. Pour out your feelings all on paper to say, “I love you” in a traditional, heartfelt way. They’ll make a great keepsake for years to come. It’s also a sweet way to communicate a personal message if you’re in a long distance relationship or not able to be home on the holiday.    


Go Thrifting 

Head to the thrift or antique stores on the hunt for something unique to add to your collection. It’s a great alternative way to go shopping and avoid the mall crowds. Plus if you find a cool piece, it’ll be even more special knowing that it’s one of a kind and you found it together. 


Bake Your Favorite Sweet Treats 

Curb one another’s sweet tooths by making your favorite desserts together. It’s an enjoyable way to spend some extra quality time in the kitchen, especially when you’ll be rewarded with a treat (or two) at the end. 


Plan a Sweet Brunch 

Who needs to go to the hottest dinner spot in town when you have a cozy brunch to look forward to in the morning? You’ll be able to go to your restaurant of choice earlier in the day, so you’ll have the rest of the afternoon and evening to relax with each other or check something else off on your list of plans. Also, if you have an early morning the next day, brunch plans are the perfect way to keep you from being out too late. 


Relax With a Movie Marathon 

If you’d rather stay in this year or have been exhausted from life’s recent activities, then snuggling up with a selection of each of your favorite movies may be one of the greatest ways to spend your day. This pairs well if you opt to play hooky from work or could be a great segway after enjoying breakfast in bed together.    


Take a Scenic Drive 

Hop in the car and go for a nice day driving as a pair. Enjoy each other’s company as you go through the mountains and valleys to take in the views. You can even pack a picnic for when you take a break to stretch your legs.    


Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar 

Warm up with a hot chocolate exactly the way you like it after a day out and about in the frigid air. A good cup is the perfect nightcap, and you can always spike it with a sweet liquor for an extra kick.   


Make S’mores Around a Campfire  

Spend the evening wrapped up in warm blankets and roasting marshmallows in your backyard for the ultimate s’more. The melted marshmallows and chocolate make for a tasty dessert that could feel nostalgic. If you don’t have access to a fire pit, you can use your fireplace in the house or even the stovetop. 


Go to a Concert 


If you’re looking for an excuse to buy concert tickets together, why not let it be for Valentine’s Day? Check to see if any of each other’s favorite bands are visiting your town. You could even take a drive down to your local bar or venue for some live music and a nice drink. 


Head to a Comedy Show  

Give the gift of extra laughs and a good time by seeing the sets of a few comedians. If you want to have the opportunity to interact with one of the comics, be sure to get there early to secure a seat in the front row. 


Take a Dance Class

Move to the beat and take a dance class like the salsa, tango or waltz to try something new with your partner. These fun classes will allow you to escape as you spend time with significant others engulfed in the music. If you both love it, then it could also be a new hobby going forward.    


Play a Round of Mini Golf 

If you’re not a golfer, but you still like the idea of the sport, take a swing (literally) at a mini golf center. You can get a little competitive while playing on a themed course without the full dedication of a regular 18-hole game.