Do I Have to Wear the Same Wedding Band Forever?

Feyi Bello / Wednesday January 12, 2022

POV: You’ve been married for a few years now and your ring finger no longer sparks the same amount of joy it used to? Unsure of what to do? Well, we’ve had a chat with some amazing jewelers and they’ve given their 2 cents (or carats lol!) on the matter!


  1. Redesign your old ring into a new treasured heirloom.

    “I’ve worked with thousands of clients to reimagine their wedding set. It’s also more common than you think to develop a metal allergy that prevents you from wearing your original wedding ring anymore. Not to worry, it’s totally possible to work together to create a ring that tells your story by still using your existing diamonds and accompanying them with harmony metals to create a one-of-a-kind ring, just for you!”  – Alysha Whitfield, Owner, Alysha Whitfield Jewelry.

    Alysha Whitfield Jewelry – Custom engagement ring with client’s heirloom diamonds in 18k Palladium White Gold (nickel-free)
  2. Embrace change as a way to celebrate your marriage.

    “Depending on the type of person you are, after a decade or two of the same bridal set, you might be ready for change, and that is OK! Redesigning your wedding band can be a great affordable way to give your set a facelift, it can also be a really fun way to honor your anniversary. Your first stop for this fun and exciting project is Pinterest, this is a great place to get inspiration for how you want your new band to look! Once you have gathered all your ideas contact a local custom jeweler! They should be able to remove the diamonds from your old wedding band and help you to design your new wedding band, as well as make suggestions as to what would work best with the diamonds you have. Don’t be afraid to add more sparkle, adding more diamonds can elevate your new wedding band, giving more possibilities for your redesign. Another exciting idea is to make two bands, instead of one, stacking bridal looks are on full trend and this can give you a bridal set look with a lot of versatility. Make sure the jeweler you decide to work with will create 3D images of your new ring, this will allow you to check all your boxes and allow you to make changes as you see fit. Something as simple as a redesigned wedding band can make your bridal set fun and exciting, incorporating the diamonds from your original ring will help to maintain the sentimental value of the ring you got married with, still holding the true meaning of a wedding band, eternal love.” – Kaeleigh Testwuide, The Diamond Reserve

    The Diamond Reserve
  3. Add a matching band to your stack.

    “Adding a band (or bands!) that matches your original wedding band is a classic way to add an extra pop of sparkle!” – Lindsay Reinsmith, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Ada Diamonds.

    AdaDiamonds – Oval Solitaire with U Pavé Wedding Bands
  4. Match your center stone or side stone shape.

    “If you have a fancy shaped center stone in your engagement ring, consider adding a band of the same diamond shape. It’s can look especially unique to choose a band with an east-west orientation of diamonds for visual interest. This gorgeous set features an east-west Baguette 3/4 Eternity Band to match the baguette side stones.” – Lindsay Reinsmith, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Ada Diamonds

    Ada Diamonds
  5. Add a bigger band to your stack!

    “If you want to make a statement, consider adding a band with diamonds larger than those on your original band. Choosing a band with larger diamonds is a great way to mark a milestone year and add interest to your stack.” – Lindsay Reinsmith, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Ada Diamonds

    Ada Diamonds
  6. Try out a new shape.

    “Adding a band with a diamond shapedifferent from your engagement ring can create a stunning effect with different sparkle and light patterning coming from different diamond cuts. This stunning set features a marquise diamond band to compliment and oval and pear engagement ring.” – LindsayReinsmith, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Ada Diamonds

    Ada Diamonds