Claire Pettibone releases Fall 2023 Adorned Collection

Perfete Blogger / Tuesday November 1, 2022

Claire Pettibone has released her latest collection, Adorn, for Fall 2023. Taking inspiration from the details we use to adorn our own fashion, Claire Pettibone’s collection includes lace details, statement open back looks, flowing sleeves and gemstones in details such as this three tier necklace adornment worn down the back. Each dress has its own signature details, from detachable chiffon streamers to plunging necklines. Feminine silhouettes and floral details add whimsy to this magical new line.

Photography by SY Photography

Five models stand side by side showcasing the Claire Pettibone Fall 2023 collection

From the designer, Claire Pettibone

How do we adorn ourselves? With clothing, makeup, tattoos, jewelry…every culture, every individual, has different ways of expressing themselves through their personal choices.

As I created this collection of wedding dresses, I played with concepts of adornment, incorporating elements of fine jewelry, ribbons, lace, and embroidery. How do our ideas and traditions relate to the modern bride? There is no single answer, just as there is no one ideal beauty. Truth lies in the cliché that beauty comes from within. The adornments we choose to wear simply bring our essence to light.