Statement Open Back Looks Hit the Fall 2023 Bridal Fashion Week Runway

Perfete Blogger / Sunday October 30, 2022

The open back style of wedding dress has been around for quite some time and designers have found ways to get creative with it for the Fall 2023 season with a statement open back look.

The concept of an open back is just that – open. Meaning no fabric or detailing, the plunging look of an open back was the statement on its own. If you wanted a statement back – such as lace detailing or sparkling designs – you were not choosing an open back. It was always one or the other.

Designers have found a way to give dress shoppers the best of both worlds, with statement open back designs popping up on the runway during New York Bridal Fashion Week.

Statement open backs presented themselves in a variety of creative ways including asymmetrical framing of the open back, necklace-like design draping over the back just dainty enough to still show off the open back and detailed straps drawing attention to the open back they’re creating.


White dress covered with bright, colorful floral pattern. Dress has a statement open back with a singular strap of the same floral print across the back from the right shoulder to left low back.
Dress: Ines DiSanto | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Close up of a statement open back dress with necklacke-style chains draping down the back from the shoulder straps
Dress: Claire Pettibone | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Dress: Claire Pettibone | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Dress: Mark Ingram | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Dress: Liz Martinez | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen