Perfete New Mom Essentials – 2022 Edition

Feyi Bello / Saturday May 7, 2022

It’s mother’s day season, so you know we are neck-deep in our feelings.

Kunbi and I literally met and bonded over the miracle of motherhood. It is just so special and powerful to us that we literally go overboard with emotions and this year will be no different hahaa!



But before we start to cue the waterworks, we decided to share something super helpful – Kunbi & Feyi’s tried & tested updated New Mom’s Shopping guide. Yes, we’ve done the work so nobody has to, ever again…for now.

When I was having my baby, the straw that finally broke me was deciding what to buy. There are SO MANY CHOICES, and everything seems great until that angry review on amazon with the mom whose son nearly choked on something or was allergic to the fabric of something that just shoots your anxiety THROUGH THE ROOF!

When Kunbi was deciding what to buy, she did a very thorough job of sourcing feedback from her community and then giving her own honest feedback and so we have narrowed down a list of her faves!

So if you’re a mom-to-be, friend of a mom-to-be, mother of a mom-to-be, spouse of a mom-to-be, get in here!

You’re welcome!

Breastfeeding Faves

  1. Breast Pump: Medela Freestyle 
  2. Freezer bags: Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags
  3. Breast Pumping Bra: Momcozy
  4. Breastfeeding pillow: Boppy Pillow
  5. Lactation Massager: Freda Mom Lactation Massager 
  6. Rolling cart for pump stuff: Amazon Basics Utility Cart
  7. Nipple Balm: Honest Calm Your Nip Balm
  8. Nursing Pads: Kindred Bravery Washable Reusable Pads
  9. Burp Cloths: Julbear Organic Cotton Burp Cloths
  10. Bottles: Comotomo
  11. Bottle Sterilizer: Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer
  12. Ice Packs: Lansinoh TheraPearl

Post-Partum Faves

  1. Button-down nightshirts: Amazon 
  2. Nursing Tanks: Caramel Cantina
  3. Post Partum Kit: Frida Mom
  4. Disposable Underwear: Always Discreet

Nursery Faves

  1. Baby Monitor: Nanit Pro
  2. Crib: Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1
  3. Breathable crib mattress: Newton Baby
  4. Rocking chair: Mid Century Modern Style 
  5. Diaper Pail: Munchkin 
  6. Playmat: 
  7. Nightlight with white noise: Hatch Restore
  8. Bassinet: 
  9. Changing Table

Out & About Faves

  1. Car Seat/ Stroller (KUNBI’s FAVE): Doona
  2. Baby Carrier (FEYI’s FAVE): Boppy Baby Carrier 
  3. Diaper Bag: Amazon
  4. Bottles: Comotomo

Our Pro Tips*

  1. Focus your spending around your current lifestyle – for example, do not splurge on a stroller if your lifestyle does not make room for frequent walks/commutes. Get one that is slightly more affordable with great reviews.
  2. You do not need every single item on this list – for example, a nightlight with white noise is super specific to our needs and might not be a necessity for you.


All our Love!

Kunbi + Feyi