The Best Fall Fashion Inspiration from Sade the Kemist

Kunbi O / Wednesday October 2, 2019

Anyone else ready to retire the sundresses? Been in sweaters for the last two weeks even though it’s still 80 degrees? Same same. There’s just something about fall fashion – it’s so chic and comfortable and versatile. But sometimes it can be hard to find new inspiration – like, we get a little sick of seeing the same leopard print midi skirt and bodysuit-with-mom-jeans combo. Give us a little variety. Some texture. Some layers. Something unexpected! Enter: Sade the Kemist. Let’s put it this way, if her looks could kill, we’d all be dead.

Sade is the Woman’s Wear Creative Director of The Kemist Store (apologies to your wallets) and she describes her looks perfectly as “unapologetic strutting.” Her outfits are so inventive we found ourselves pinning each and every single one for our fall wardrobe inspo until we realized we just really needed to dedicate an entire post to the ferocity that is her fashion sense. She somehow makes these high fashion looks seem so wearable. Confidence is surely key. Check out our favorite of her looks below – I’m currently hyperventilating over that textured black leather midi skirt: