A Love Letter to Our Girlfriends- A Galentine’s Day Special

Kunbi O / Monday February 14, 2022

‘Tis the season of LOVE! And you know we’re all about celebrating love’s special moments here at Perfete. Today on Valentines Day, we’re celebrating one of the most sacred types of loves- female friendships. Yup! Today is all about our Galentines because honestly in the words of Leslie Knope “Uteruses before Duderuses, Ovaries before Brovaries” . SO in honor of true love, we asked a few of our Perfete friends to share what they love about their best girls.

This post is dedicated to MY girl friends. All NOT pictured here. You have  held me up in my brightest and darkest moments, you have poured into me and allowed me to pour into you. You are the PERFECT verses over a TIGHT beat (Brown Sugar reference). You are LOVE and you are HOME and I will forever call it an honor to be your friend/sister. Happy Valentines Day to all the sister-friends out there. May your bonds be eternal and may your love forever blossom.

  • Love, Kunbi.

  • I’ve loved Tinuke since I was seven. We’ve had front row seats to the other’s milestones, missteps, belly misfortunes, you name it, we’ve witnessed it—together. Tinuke is gorgeous, I’m constantly taking screenshots over video calls. It is a destabilizing beauty, and I’m not even exaggerating—peep her IG and check the material. But beyond her undercut, and that impossibly gorgeous smile is a personality I can only describe as luminous. She is the light I love to see in the world. Tinuke has a kind and sincere spirit you only find in innocents. She has an understanding of human nature I hope to maybe clock at 53. My best friend lets me know that I am always welcome. She has always felt like home, even at the points where I wasn’t checking in at the address. Tinuke is one of one, and I am so eternally grateful I grabbed life’s only copy. – Boyin


  • We call ourselves the real-life Meredith & Christina because when we watched Grey’s Anatomy – we could have sworn those characters were created based on our personalities. Different but in sync – it’s how we’ve been, how we are and how we’ll always be. She’s going to troll me for this post but I’ll never pass up an option to celebrate my babe. Happy Galentine’s Day to my person – I’m blessed to have you Fonahanmioluwa ❤️. – Isioma


  • Pillars are often not spoken about. Such an integral component. They hold the building in place. They make sure it doesn’t crumble. My girlfriends are my pillars. Each and every single one holding me up and probably not even knowing that they are doing so. My girls fortify. They uplift. Even in their absence, they are present. God has put the absolute best girls in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. My girls are a testament to God’s love for me. They occupy more spaces in my life than I can count. When I am lost, they guide me. They shield me, they pray with me, they make me feel loved and thought about. It’s so weird even calling them my girlfriends because they are my sisters. Happy Valentine’s Day ladies. I love you in more ways than I can put in words and although I couldn’t fit every picture in a collage, awon temi mo rawon 💙- Irede


  • I love the fact that my girlfriends create a safe space for everyone to be honest — in the successful periods of life and the challenging ones too. That creates so much room for support and compassion and very little room for being competitive — and downside that usually makes people cautious of female friendships. Also, relationship/parental status doesn’t create barriers — I hear a lot of people say they’re friends ghost when that status changes, but we recognize that all kinds of relationships are incredibly important, you can’t replace one with the other.- Abiola


  • They’re supportive, I never have to 2nd guess their love for me, they make me feel good about myself, we accept each other as we are, it feels easy to love them. We celebrate each others’ wins and cry together when needed. I will go to war for all my women. I love you all deeply and thank God for bringing you to my life. – Nosa


  • I don’t think I can overemphasize the importance of having honest and genuine girlfriends. It’s one of the best feelings knowing that my girlfriends are always routing for me and would always love me no matter what. One of the things I treasure the most about the precious ladies in my circle is that no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be, they never shy away from giving me their raw, honest opinion even if its brutal and I don’t want to hear it. They accept me wholeheartedly – the good, the bad and the ugly. My girls give me an outlet to share my problems, successes and feelings with them. I don’t have to filter what I say for the fear of being judged or standing out. I love that we can party like teenagers but at the same time be extremely hardworking and career/business focused women. Lastly, they motivate me to do more and be better. I am a much better version of myself for having the influence of these women (not all captured in the picture) in my life. Cheers to sisterhood and my forever #galentines! – Valerie Odubogun


  • What I love most about my best girl is that she’s also my sister, so there’s an extra depth to our friendship because we’re related. We don’t take it for granted, not many people are so lucky y’know. We can fully laugh together (nobody is funnier than us FR) and cry together without holding anything back. It’s been a blessing finding the best of friends in my sister.- Tunu


  • First of all, I’m blessed with so many amazing girlfriends and what this has taught me is that I don’t take enough photos WITH them. We only take photos of one another for the gram. That will change! 🤣  Okay, my favorite thing about you, Ify, is how you hype me so much. Your belief in me has been solid from day one.  Also, you don’t take life too seriously, unlike your Virgo friend. There’s nothing a good selfie or meal won’t fix for you and I love that! Love you Ify 🤎! – Eniola


  • These are my babes, my awesome Virgo babes, and my wonderful support system.. so if I could put into a few words what I love the most about them is that they show up when it really matters. I have learned how to be a better friend by seeing them being awesome friends to me and I honestly can’t imagine my life without them. You’re stuck ladies! – Ada


  • What I love most about my favorite girlfriends is that they encourage and support me in everything I do, and deeply appreciate the gifts in me. They also leave room for me to support them in their own lives (it’s a true privilege for me), and this give and take just creates a beautiful atmosphere where we can grow and feel free to be who we really are. My girls make life deep when it’s necessary, fun ALL the time, and meaningful because I experience so much growth in different areas just by being around them. I especially love that I learn so much from their own experiences and counsel while still feeling safe and protected. They are incredibly driven, intelligent, gracious, and such world changers in every aspect of life – deeply inspiring. Some of them create the environment with a physical setting, some with their pointed questions because they know I need it, and others with their banter, and others still with their own openness. They have my back – whether I’m outside the room or in it. Grateful for my tribe of girlfriends that have journeyed with me through thick and thin. They’re really my sisters – and it’s a forever thing ♾♥️ – Joann


  • If you know me, you know of my 4 girls; my Midnight Partners Lola and Praise-El, and my DaShFo girls Dami and Shile. The growth I’ve experienced personally and in business is partly because of these amazing women. They’re always there at every high and every low, every victory, and every battle. They are the very definition of love: they are patient, kind, do not envy, and not easily angered (trust me I know because I can be frustrating sometimes lol). They do not boast, and they are not proud. They do not dishonor others, they are not self-seeking, and they keep no record of wrongs. I’m blessed to call them my people.- Rera


  • The best thing about my girls is that no matter what, we are always able to laugh through everything – great stuff, sad stuff, difficult times, silly mistakes, literally nothing is out of bounds of our humor. They make everything heavy lighter and that’s amazing – you really need that to get through all life throws at you. – Toyin

  • My favorite thing about my best girls is how we are each other’s safe space. No judgment, just love, genuine support, some hard but necessary truths when needed, and good fun! – Yewande


  • I am so thankful to be surrounded by my girls who bring me joy and kindness with the best support system. Growing up as the only girl, I always wondered how it felt to have sisters and now to be blessed with friends that we share a sisterly bond is beyond amazing. Doing life with them, even if I am countries apart with some of my best friends, is what shapes me daily to be the best version of myself as we all go through life stages. Laughing together, welcoming babies, getting married, burying parents, getting our dream jobs, the highs and the lows, having my best girlfriends makes my life a lot more exciting! – Funmi O


  • What I love about my best girls is how they love me totally and completely and accept me flaws and all. They carried me through some of the worst years of my life. I have had people open up their homes and their entire lives to ensure I felt safe, protected, loved and didn’t miss anything from my past life. The constant encouragement, cheerleading, support and love I get from my girls has made me into the woman I am today and taught me so much about selflessness, having and giving support. I now understand what it means to love selflessly and unconditionally and I truly wish on every girl a tribe like mine. – Toyin J


  • The steadfastness of love. They have created room for Freedom & authenticity. More than that there is knowledge, grace and just beauty. – Dammy


  • I feel like I have a village of amazing women that genuinely love me, some of these relationships have stood the test of time and I’m happy about how they’ve evolved and keep evolving. The never-ending support each one of them provides is one of the best things about our relationships. – Bimbo


  • My girlfriends mean the world to me. There are few things stronger than the bonds that hold female friendships together and my girlfriends go the furthest mile to uphold that belief. They are so kind, so supportive, so loyal and always on hand to give advice with no judgment. Encouragement with no envy, and an endless supply of love. Every day I’m reminded how lucky I am to have them.- Ndali


  • One of my favorite things about my best girlfriends is how we all prioritize each other. Adulthood is tough, and living life can get hard to do, but it’s so amazing to see how we all treat each other tenderly and with intention. ❤️- Valerie Ekpo

  • She was my maid of honour, I was hers. Her daughter is my goddaughter and mine is hers. She’s my sister, my confidant, my prayer partner and my partner in ALL things! One of my fondest memories of us was our molly & Issa moment the morning of her wedding, almost ruined our make up crying at how far we had come individually & together, how much we loved each other and how happy we were for each other. Another one is when we were pregnant together and we had a pregnant girl summer! Her family is my family. Her sister is my sister. My Ibiyinka Ibru, my favorite girl in the entire world. So thankful to do life with you! – Feyi