Introducing the Perfête Podcast + Interview with Lara Casey

Kunbi O / Tuesday June 4, 2019

Attention everyone! Your week is about to get ten times better. Perfête is excited to officially announce the Perfête Podcast! Yes, I know for a lot of you, this is not news (hopefully, you’ve already downloaded every episode and are listening right along with us on your commute or trip to the store). There’s so much to talk about and we’re exploring all of our favorite topics one step at a time. Starting with our very first episode on how to defeat distractions and just launch your sh!t.

On Adulting and Living Your Best You.

The truth is, adulting is hard. At Perfête, we feel that it is best when tackled together. So, we have curated a list of truly inspiring people to chat with, and have some killer tips and tricks on how to live your best damn life. We will be right there with you every step of the way, taking notes, giving it a shot, and toasting all of life’s challenges.

(Wine when we’re celebrating, vodka when we are just grateful we made it to Friday. Ya feel me?)

In a nutshell, our bi-weekly podcast is dedicated to helping all of us get our shit together, personally and professionally. We are a few episodes in already  (catch up here!) and I have to say- I am so proud of the conversations we have had with some truly inspiring women. Episode one is all about Getting Started, a.k.a how to let go and launch that shit! Then we chatted with the inspiring Tosin Durotoye of The Bloom Africa about Clarity, Vision and Taking the Leap, and and then continued with Afua Osei of She Leads Africa on taking her brand from Business Idea to Global Recognition. You don’t want to miss the gems they shared!

And now for Episode 4 and launch day,  drumroll  we are talking to the amazing multi-hyphenate, Lara Casey!

Lara Casey is the founder of Southern Weddings Magazine, author of two books and the creator of Cultivate What Matters – a community dedicated to helping you live an intentional life. Lara is a force in every industry she enters- from her 10 year success as the Founder of Southern Weddings Magazine, to her super inspiring books (Make it Happen and Cultivate).

On this episode of the Perfête Podcast, Lara and I discuss everything from her spontaneous yet intentional start of her iconic magazine to her decision to let go of the dream after 10 years. Lara shares her heart, and tips for Chasing Slow, Letting Go and Cultivating What Matters. A lot of us struggle with the concept of getting started and navigating our purpose in life, this episode was for us. Lara shared the lessons she’s learned over her entrepreneurial journey and why each part is integral to the person she is today. She talked about her passion for helping people flourish through finding the meaningful reasons for their goals and why you need to go for it and Make it Happen. She gives advice on how to navigate your path when you feel lost and how to turn the mess into a message. Listen now below or on your favorite streaming platform. If you found it entertaining (which we’re sure you will!), please rate and review on iTunes!

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