Kunbi’s Pink Brunch Themed Baby Sprinkle

Kunbi O / Monday December 20, 2021

Hi friends, Kunbi here! I’m back again, this time with my intimate, pink baby sprinkle. So let me start off by saying, if you asked me two months ago if I was having a shower/sprinkle, my answer was most definitely a NO. I just couldn’t get into having a big shindig this time around especially given the health crisis happening around us. I remember telling one of my friends this and how I hadn’t really gotten into planning anything and she said “don’t worry, it will come to you.” Lol ! She was right. About two months ago, I randomly decided I wanted an intimate “Kunbi style” brunch with 10 of my close friends (that number was impossible LOL but it was close) just doing what we know how to do best- love on each other!

I’m not even going to lie and pretend like I didn’t have anything to do with this event. Anyone who knows me knows I love to plan or at least dream up my own events and thankfully my friends never take it personal- whew! So for this one, I called on my favorite event stylist Ona of Project Olili (who is probably sick and tired of my shenanigans at this point) to see if she would help bring my vision to life. I think we can all agree that the assignment was understood.

Ona is incredible at turning your scattered ideas into something out of a dream. She’s creative, she’s stylish and most of all, she is SKILLED. If you’re looking for an event planning and decor stylist in the NY/NJ area, please check out Project Olili. She’s worth it!

Okay now back to the day itself. Since it was such a small group, I really wanted it to feel intimate from start to finish. My bestie Bolanle (who is just as crazy as I am when it comes to events) had the brilliant idea of having everyone wear “uniform” outfits from Dye Lab – a piece that set the ball rolling on every other aspect of the day. So everyone ordered these custom “Bubus” from Nigeria and we were so pleased with how they turned out.

Once we had the Bubus covered, I wanted something similar in style that would pair perfectly with my girls. My friend Dami sent a picture of this Hue by Idera dress and I was SOLD. I felt equal parts regal and comfortable in my “agbada” and hey! Isn’t that what everyone wants to feel like? I’m also really glad we were all able to wear Nigerian designers on the day. Win-win!

The branding and custom illustration for the party was done by one of my oldest friends Ndidi (and Babs) of ODA Creative.  Thank you so much guys for coming through for me. I honestly don’t have the words.

This day was absolutely magical and everything I dreamed. I was surrounded by so much love and every now and then I’d stop what I was doing to say it out loud. I am blessed with a certain quality of friendships that I can’t even properly describe. All I can say is I am fortunate and GRATEFUL to have these women, these superheroes, in my life and I hope and pray I never take it for granted.

With that said, please enjoy the images from O-Baby’s Pink Brunch Themed Sprinkle captured by Bu Fotos ( a family favorite of ours who photographed my over the moon baby shower, my son’s wild one first birthday and his Baby Shark themed second birthday party). Thank you Paula for always been there.

Venue: Hudco | Branding and Illustration: ODA Creative | Design and Planning: Project Olili | Print Production: Twins Print | Acrylics (bar menu and drink tags): By Dami Studios | Chair Rentals: Helm Luxe | Wall Rentals: Ari Decor | Grid Wall: AK Rentals | Bartender: Ant’s Smooth Booze | Charcuterie Board: Tavola Char | Shawarma and Asun: Mr Chow Shawarma | Small Chops: Honeybees Kitchen | Cake: Simply Delicious | Makeup: Makeup by Ashabee