Black, Red and Dapper: Father’s Day Inspiration Shoot

Feyi Bello / Sunday June 21, 2020

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dad’s out there! Last week we shared a beautiful post, “Dear Black Child: A Love Letter From Your Parents.” It was a collection of heartfelt letters from parents to their black children, to express love and uplift during the weight and heaviness of these times.

Today, we celebrate the fathers. We honor you for being the amazing father you’ve been. Your impact, strength, vulnerability and courage are not a myth. We appreciate your daily sacrifices and the gentleness you take in the care of your family. Black man –  you are LEGENDary! We are taking this time to shine a light on your value and remind you of your importance and worth. Our narrative is to show that you are present and are actively involved in your family and in the lives of your children.

This gorgeous Father’s Day inspiration Shoot is a perfect bit of inspiration for how grandly the men in our lives should be celebrated. Dressed to the nines, nothing but the best. Belle Tifi Events, Elite Draping and Tres Elegant Events came together to create this gorgeous shoot, photographed by Gregoire Jules :
Meet the Father’s we honor in this shoot:


Father One: Meet Ronald. Ronald vowed to be exactly what his children needed when time presented itself. Fast forward, Ronald is now the father of two beautiful little ladies who requires his full attention. He understands being vulnerable is a strength and that his daily loving interactions with his beautiful wife is setting an amazing example for his little ladies.

Father Two: Meet Ednal. Ednal is the father of three handsome boys and subscribes to the “do as I do” philosophy. He teaches them the importance of following the rules while being fair and compassionate. He also illustrates the importance of being affectionate and passionate by demonstrating his love for their mother in front of them. In short, he lives by the values he wants to instill in his boys.

Father Three: Meet Marlon: Marlon is also the father of three handsome young men who unfortunately did not make it to the photoshoot, because they were spending quality time with grandma. Marlon grew up with his father as his best friend, which continues until this day. He understands, his role is to help mold his children into well-rounded members of society. He provides daily reinforcement by playing an active part in their daily activities and teaches them the value of being a great provider while balancing quality family time.



Photography: @imagerybyjulesphotography//Cinematography: @bricksgroup//Floral: @sdulciodesigns//
Balloons: @prettiparties//Custom flask: @_beforeversocialcustoms//Neon light: @pixelstudio_us//Backdrop: @dee_decorations//Cake: @babicakes_creations//Cake topper: @cocoa_and_confetti//Chairs: @bubblecollection//Champagne flute: @lprentals//Charges, flatware, plates: @differentlooksrentals//Linen: @nuagedesignsinc//Couch: @glamtouchrentals//Menu cards: Wedding Sign Shop Co