Vera Wang 2019 Bridal Fall Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday July 31, 2019
Courtesy of Vera Wang

We are so excited to share the royal Vera Wang 2019 bridal fall collection from the wedding queen herself. You know, the infamous Sex and the City quote: “You want pasta, you go to Little ltaly. You want weddingyou go Wang.” The 15-piece fall collection by wedding dress designer, Vera Wang is simply stunning. Also, the inspiration for her 2019 fall bridal collection is King Louis XIV. Likewise, his grand palace of Versailles (which we just visited – post coming soon!) was also a muse.

Vera Wang 2019 Bridal Fall Collection : Inspiration & Color…ish

“Louis was the first fashion rock star that ever lived,” Vera Wang declared. “He was the original power dresser. He was obsessed with clothing. He enforced a strict dress code, and not only that, he enforced a strict behavioral code—but the clothing demanded a certain behavior,” said Wang. And so in classic fashion, she incorporates color. Yet, you won’t find it it as you normally would. As in, brilliant pops of colorful, floral fabrics and glorious showstopper sequin gowns with jewel tones. No, you’ll find it in enthroned in elegant, regal metallic lace.

“It’s a new way of doing color…ish,” she said. Are you in love yet?

The designer’s color theme for her 2019 wedding dress collection heavily features nude. Literally, you won’t find that much white here. Which, we love! Like, give us colorful wedding dresses and luxe, meticulous detailing or nothing at all. Of course, you’ll find lots and LOTS of sweeping tulle. About her 2019 Fall Bridal Collection, the wedding gown designer says, “The mixture of the nude became very important.” She adds, “You see the body in the body.”

Next on our list of everything that we love about the Vera Wang 2019 Bridal Fall Collection is that it is truly the epitome of opulence combined with utterly romantic details. For example, ribbons, gorgeous lace, high necklines, billowy sleeves, and intricate bodices. Some of which are even made with horse hair! Lastly, perhaps our favorite new Vera Wang quote? This one: “I don’t feel like a bridal designer.” She adds, “I feel like a designer who happens to do bridal.”

This wedding dress designer is a babe, and we are so in love with the Vera Wang 2019 Bridal Fall Collection. Scroll for some royal wedding gown inspo.