Designer Spotlight: Lea-Ann Belter

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday May 29, 2019

sustainable wedding dress and eco friendly option for brides who want green wedding inspo

A Quick Introduction

Wedding dress designer, Lea Ann Belter is a name to know if you are at all curious about the connection between timeless, elegant designs. Ethical fashion. And, sustainability. Every inch of her wedding dresses are carefully sourced. They are also crafted with meticulous detail. Moreover, each one is handmade at her Toronto production studio. Thankfully, Lea-Ann Belter wedding dresses are available in bridal boutiques throughout North America and Europe. With a focus on a truly customized wedding dress experience from plus-sizes and half sizes to all of the accoutrements, this chic and eco-forward bridal designer has your back (and sleeves!) in all aspects of how to find that perfect fit. More about that in a few.

Finding Your Perfête Fit

Speaking of perfect fit, nearly every Lea-Ann Belter wedding dress is custom made. In fact, every style of this eco friendly bridal brand’s namesake collection is available in a variety of size option. More so, everything from the sleeves, belt, skirt shape, and color can be altered. Also, should we mention sizing again? Hold onto your purse; you will love this next part.

star skirt by lea ann belter wedding dress designer photo available in half sizes ensuring the perfect fit

In the past, you asked about how to determine the perfect fit. We always suggest that your bff (your tailor, y’all!) do your measurements. Then, take those measurements and compare them with the size guide of your bridal designer of choice to find the size that you need. Yet, what if your size does not line up with what is on the chart? What if you’re a Kim Kardashian #blessed and your top measurements are one measurement, and your bottom half is just a little more… ambitious? What do you do? Make a run for it? Yeah, maybe – although, another thought is to just calm down and go up ONE half size! You see, this body aware designer knows that every BODY is not the same. And, that one size fits all may not be the best approach.

An Odd Size

While we all wish to be magical creatures with body morphing superpowers, it is not easy to just drop it like it’s hot. No, for us normal people, a little something tight in one area translates to purchasing the next size up for all areas. Although, technically, that is two sizes. But, stop right there. Every line in the Lea Ann Belter Bridal Collection is available in half sizes! If you just did a quick search online, “half” sizes are also known as “odd” or “in-between” sizes, and, they are glorious. Even though, yes, they may still require alterations.

What We Really Love

The mere fact that this bridal fashion brand makes half sizes speaks volumes. Even more importantly, it shows that this designer is one who actually gets it. Now, if you are not head over heels in love with her yet, let’s take a peek at some of our favorites from her classic, and ever so timeless, bridal collection. For more information, visit Lea-Ann Belter online. Or, drop by one of the locations where her dresses are sold.

couple kissing at intimate tuscan wedding in italy at end of wedding ceremony with rose petals on ground. bride is wearing eco friendly wedding dress that is both classic and timeless

bride sitting on steps at intimate tuscan wedding wearing customized lea ann belter wedding dress available in half sizes ensuring the perfect fit and smiling

couple dancing in courtyard at italian wedding venue. bride is wearing eco friendly, timeless, wedding dress in ballgown style available in half sizes ensuring the perfect fit

couple at carmel wedding mission ranch. bride is wearing lea ann belter bridal dress, hugging groom, and looking forward.couple at carmel mission ranch laughing. bride wearing lea ann belter customized gown. it is the perfect fit.couple holding hands at carmel mission ranch. close up of dress, suit, and rocks near pacific oceancouple at carmel wedding mission ranch standing on rocks, bride is looking ahead and holding floral bouquetbride running and holding dress available in half sizes ensuring the perfect fit with people coming towards her on cobblestone streets lined with old stucco buildings

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