Wanderlust: The 5 Destinations We’re Dying to get to This Year

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday April 23, 2019

1.) France

Images via Suburban Faux Pas


Okay, so we’re starting off easy with a bit of a cheat because BIG NEWS I (Brianna) am actually going to France this July! It’s been my absolute dream trip since I’m a little girl and am obsessed with French Culture. You can find me on any given day watching Amelié and sipping rosé from Provence. It’s a vibe, no? My husband and I will be spending 2 weeks traveling the country, spending time in Paris, the Provence region and the French Riviera. We’ll be doing a HUGE recap post-trip, but until then you should definitely check out Suburban Faux Pas’ guide to the French Riviera.  We plan to see all the sights, drink all the wine, eat all the carbs and soak up the beautiful Parisian lifestyle.

2.) Portugal

Images via Two Trends

This is #1 on Kunbi’s list, and for a damn good reason. I mean, did you SEE the Bachelor finalé this year?? #FenceJump. The views and city looked absolutely picture perfect. Sintra, Portugal is a must-see spot, with colorful walls, breathtaking views and an actual hilltop Medieval castle. Of course you have to visit Lisbon and the iconic Tower of of Belem. We hear the cuisine in Portugal is insanely good, and they have amazing award-winning wine, as if you needed more reasons to check out this amazing country.  Seb and Espe from Two Trends, who we met while covering an epic vow renewal in Aruba, have a killer guide on their blog on the best things to do while you’re in this amazing city.


3.) Banff

Images via Barefoot Blonde


It’s no secret that Canada is an absolute playground for nature lovers, but Banff is at the tip-top of our list. A few friends of mine honeymooned there and the insta shots they shared were all the incentive I needed to add this to my top five list.  Summer is peak season to visit, because the winters in Canada are intense. But if you’re a skier, that might be the perfect time for you! If you can swing it, the Fairmont is THE place to stay. It’s in the middle of all the beauty and looks like an actual castle. We guarantee you’ve seen pictures of the “how is this not a filter” blue water of Lake Louise and Peyto Lake, both which are MUST sees on your trop. Barefoot Blonde has many posts on this amazing destination, both fall and winter!


4.) St. Barth’s

Image via Forbes


Every blogger and their mama seems to have been heading to St. Barth’s this year. But can you blame them? Known as the Caribbean’s most elite (and ::cough:: expensive) island, St. Barth’s easily made our list for how chic, beautiful and exclusive it seems. This French speaking island has been compared to St. Tropez and has all the yacht’s you’d expect to see in Cannes. So if you can’t make it to the French Riviera, this would be a fabulous second choice! Vogue has a great travel guide for your first trip to this gorgeous island.

5.) Yellowstone

Images via Living Nomad


It’s no secret that I love to hike, so obviously I had to add Yellowstone to my list. The most famous National Park in the United States is famous world-wide. It’s got so many amazing wonders of nature, from geyers (old faithful!), the grand prismatic (pictured above), wandering Bison, hot springs and hidden valleys. A trip like is just so good for the soul. I feel like I would come away balanced, reconnected to the Earth and a lot less stressed about my inbox. Check out Living Nomad’s post on the best spots to hike and see.


What destinations are on your list for this year?