Wanderlust: The 5 Destinations We’re Dying to get to This Year

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday April 23, 2019

1.) France

Images via Suburban Faux Pas


Okay, so we’re starting off easy with a bit of a cheat because BIG NEWS I (Brianna) am actually going to France this July! It’s been my absolute dream trip since I’m a little girl and am obsessed with French Culture. You can find me on any given day watching Amelié and sipping rosé from Provence. It’s a vibe, no? My husband and I will be spending 2 weeks traveling the country, spending time in Paris, the Provence region and the French Riviera. We’ll be doing a HUGE recap post-trip, but until then you should definitely check out Suburban Faux Pas’ guide to the French Riviera.  We plan to see all the sights, drink all the wine, eat all the carbs and soak up the beautiful Parisian lifestyle.

2.) Portugal