London Travel Guide: Where to stay, what to eat and the best spots to check out

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday April 9, 2019

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When you think London, the first things that probably come to mind are tea, the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace, and Red Telephone booths. However, there is so much more to London than just those things! Luckily, our friend Bugo from Life with Bugo has lived there for ten years and has the inside scoop on the best local spots to check out across the pond. Check out our London Travel Guide below to find out where to eat, sleep and play in the city of London!


London Travel Guide: What to Do

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1.) Visit the V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum is such a lovely and typical British museum. From visiting for the art pieces to lunching in one of the gorgeous cafés on its grounds, my favorite spot would be the Courtyard and Garden Cafés for afternoon tea and people watching. Admission into the museum is free but some exhibitions carry a charge. I would also recommend the Tate Modern and National Gallery if you are into your art.

2.) Watch a football game

Our London Travel Guide doesn’t just aim to show you pretty places in London — we want to immerse you in the culture! Football (which we know as soccer) is a big part of the British raison d’être and when you are in London, visiting one of the big stadiums is a no brainer. If you are lucky or if you plan well ahead, you could watch a game too. Tour the football grounds of Wembley stadium which is the official football home but if you want to watch on club level, why not tour Arsenal Football club’s Emirates Stadium in North London or Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge in West London? Stunning grounds and you get to feel the spirit that drives football rivalries. Epic, I tell you!

3.) Stop by Harrods

You cannot come to London and not visit Harrods. Not necessarily to shop but just to have a mooch around, window-shop and people watch. Catch the building at night when it lights up and makes the entire Brompton road look really pretty.

4.) Check out Portobello Market

The famous vintage market in Notting Hill. (a girl standing in front of a boy…you know the rest) This market brings people from all over the country just for the vibe. It is certainly pricier than most vintage markets but you are shopping in one of the most expensive boroughs in the country so this is expected! It can get a little crowded especially during weekends but it is worth visiting. Also, don’t forget to stroll down the Notting Hill streets to catch the beautifully lined pastel coloured townhouses. If you’ve got time, look out for the famous bookstore, The Travel Book Co from the movie.

5.) St Paul’s Cathedral

There are a few Cathedrals in London but my favourite is St Paul’s Cathedral. Make sure you climb the dome for the spectacular sky view on the city.

6.) Take a boat trip on the River Thames

Want a stunning view of the London Eye? Take a boat trip on the River Thames and your boat instructor will give you a little history about the city.

7.) Get touristy at the Tower Bridge

One of London’s famous bridges, and probably on every London travel guide ever written. It does get really busy but it is such an important landmark that you have to see it and of course, take a picture with it as your backdrop. If you are lucky, you may witness the bridge part in half for a ship to go through.

8.) Stroll though Covent Garden

While Oxford street is probably the most popular shopping street in London, for a quieter shopping experience, go to Covent Garden instead. It has all the shops you would visit anyway, is less busy and more British.

9.) Get a drink on Carnaby Street

For the pubs and general London vibe!

10.) Have a bite at  Spitalfields Market

Is it street food you fancy? Visit Spitalfields market in the city and you have an array of choices to pick from!


London Travel Guide: Where to Eat