Wanderlust at Lake Como: The Elegant Oasis of Villa Balbiano

Perfete / Tuesday January 7, 2020


A Destination Wedding is something that everyone should consider when planning their big day. It is the easiest way to truly have a one of a kind wedding experience.  Introducing your guests to a new culture, authentic cuisine, historic traditions…all while celebrating the milestone of your union = sheer perfection.

“Lake Como has no shortage of all things delicious and is one of my favorite Italian cities,” said the planner from Fallon Carter Events. “This small, yet opulent oasis is luxury in real life. It can not be explained, photographed, ore even described properly, one must experience her charm first hand. I chose Villa Balbiano as the setting of this shoot because it felt like home, yet elevated.  This was a place where I could see my couples and their guests enjoying themselves.  From swimming in the lake all day to dining and dancing all night. It felt real.”

“When it comes to selecting a venue for a destination wedding, I like to find a property that is essentially ‘move in ready.’ I want to use the vintage plates + glassware that are on the property, I want to cut the flowers from the garden and make my own arrangements, I want to work with the chef to create a menu of traditional dishes and use the ingredients from their garden. Taking advantage of the details and resources that come naturally with your destination will make space for the focus to be on your moment and the celebration. With this shoot, we wanted to capture the true elegance of Lake Como…with some serious edge.  Zuzu Birkhof Photography and her team took the vision, turned it upside down and brought it to life. All you need is a dress, Lake Como + Villa Balbiano will take care of the rest.”


Wedding Planner: Fallon Carter Events |Photographer: Zuzu Birkhof | Location: Villa Balbiano | Styling: Elke Ruess |Hair & Make Up: Maike Albrecht | Model: Alisha Safo


Get the look:

Photo 1: Dress: Peter Langner Milan  Jewelry: ISABEL GUARCH

Photo 2: Dress: Kisui Berlin

Photo 3: Dress: Kaviar Gauche

Photo 4: Dress: Elisabetta Franchi via Salon Hamburg Jewelry: ISABEL GUARCH

Photo 5: Cape: Kaviar Gauche

Photo 6: Top: Salon Hamburg Skirt & Belt: Kaviar Gauche

Photos 7, 8, 9 :Peter Langner Milan  Jewelry: ISABEL GUARCH

Photo 10: Dress: Kaviar Gauche

Photo 11: Jumpsuit: Kaviar Gauche Jewelry: ISABEL GUARCH

Photo 12:Dress: YOLANCRIS Barcelona via Salon Hamburg Jewelry: ISABEL GUARCH

Photo 13:Peter Langner Milan  Jewelry: ISABEL GUARCH